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  1. While I've never actually installed or developed shopping cart software I'd suggest you don't build it from scratch unless you have a full-time web developer on call. Basically the stuff you buy will have the benefit of many other users finding bugs and will be less likely to have security vulnerabilities.

  2. My thing is, is that we just don't know who caused the attack. There are reports that the Saudi's gave the rebels the chemical weapons and the rebels screwed up. Even if it was the Syrian government, the US taking them out would probably only lead to their weapons falling into the hands of some terrorist group. And that's not even considering all the innocent civilians the US military would kill in the process. (Sorry I think I'm supposed to use the term "Collateral Damage" when it's the military doing the killing.)

  3. No, the USA has enough debt.

    Curiously, If money weren't an issue would you support it?


    I say no. It is sad what is happening but I think US involvement will only make things worse. There is no telling what will happen if the US military gets involved (other than a lot of innocent people getting murdered).

  4. I have the Razer exactmat. I like it. I tend to move it depending on if I'm gaming or typing and one of the feet came off. It's not a big deal as it still stays where it's supposed to even though it's not glued on but it's annoying. Also, after about 3 years of use, it's definitely gotten smoother where my mouse is at most of the time. Overall, I like it though.

  5. Lady and gentlemen... I present to you, the annoying pi!


    Plays random beeps, noises, scary sounds, etc, at random intervals. Hide it inside something to make it impossible to find, yet deviously annoying. Definitely doing that at school next semester...

    like this except it only costs $10? I've never really figured out what I would do with one. A freind of mine has one and I don't think he's done anything with it either.

  6. What? You mean to say if you get between 54 and 40 you get a "d" and an "f" isn't until you get below a 40! Man teachers are getting soft.


    First things first though. It would help if you wrapped your code in the code tag. It just makes it easier to read.


    Now to your code. In your else if statement you left off the "grades", try this:

    else if (grades >= 40 && grades <= 54)



    I need to work on punctuation.

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    none, I do have a cup of hot tea at work though.

    damn, I sometimes have a few cups of tea at night too.


    So my caffeine tolerance is probably stupidly high.


    I usually have one cup of tea when I first get to work. Then in the afternoon I have a 16oz Dr. Pepper. That's pretty much all the caffiene I consume.

  8. I don't have a clue about java but it seems to me you could do it this way:

    Have a "entity" class(person and business) and as an extension of that have business, person, business-donor and person-donor. or just business and person and person and then extend those further. Not ideal but it could maybe work... as i say i am clueless on java.

    Hope that sparks an idea.


    I thought about having a business-donor and a person-donor class but the donor parts are going to be very similar. Seems like I would be re-writing a lot of code. Plus if I changed anything I'd have to change it in both places.

  9. So I'm working on a program and I'm not sure how I want to have it designed.


    I have two classes a Person class and a Business class. I want to track those are donating to a cause. So a person can be a donor, but they may not be. And a Business can be a donor but they may not be. It would make sense for donor to extend Person and Business but you can't extend multiple classes.


    So should I have Person and Business extend donor? But not all people are donors and I usually think of classes that extend as being an "is-a" relationship (Animal class and a Dog class that extends Animal, a Dog is an Animal but not all animals are dogs). So to me this doesn't seem to be ideal.


    Any thoughts?

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