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    Just signed up today and would like to say Hello. I am new to these forums but not new to computers or overclocking. I am very New York CIty and currently studying at Stony Brook University. I hope you guys are as cool as my last forum that I was a member of but for some reason the site has bin down for some time now ( overclockers.com ).
  2. hey guys, im new to these forums but im not new to comps. I would like to make my first post here since im very interested in rushing next semester. I was going to rush this semester but I had a family emergency so I missed rush by a week. I am doing my research well kinda and met guys from alpha phi delta, ZBT and TKE. All the guys from all those frats are very cool but I am most interested in TKE, im very upset at myself for not making rush this semester but one of the brothers said that they will keep in contact with me until next semester. Im sure like all upcoming rushees I am worried about hazing and loosing my current friends. None of my friends are in any frats and are strongly against it, saying the usual " pay for friends " " get hazed for two months then they are your "brother"". BUt this is something i wanted to do for a while now. Hopefully I will be good enough for TKE. oh and its good to bere here, I used to be a member to another overclockers forum but for some reason the site isnt around anymore. Site was called "overclockers.com" My aim is skHTE if anyone wants to IM me.
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