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  1. WOW Online auctions are Great! I just checked out that e-bay.com and i purchased a Wheelchair and a Red cape!
  2. ^^^^ Exactly what he said - microsoft will not reply to you with "Hi, to correct this problem, do this...." I think the purpose of error reporting is so that the NooBz at Microsoft can establish some sort of database for the most commonly repoorted errors and thus release a weekly patch or update
  3. superman is dead but his legend will live on! it was sad that such a powerful character could be bound to a Wheelchair after such a fall. it was also very sad when i heard the news this morning that he'd died. Poor guy. at least when he got put in the chair he didnt just give up, he fought through it and accomplished lots - he's a man to have looked up to.
  4. Underconstruction??? what the heck? Thats like saying Look at my new car!!, ok it hasnt got any wheels or an engine but still, LOOK AT IT!
  5. oh my god, i think i better get my coat right now then, i got an 8 year old cousin who's allowed to say the "a" word. /me shakes head in disbeleif! *it was all going so well too*
  6. wow i got a virtual "female dog" slap for saying the "A" word dang that was harsh man
  7. I see Movies that represemt games in the same way Comic Books are made into movies (Hellboy, Spiderman, Batman e.c.t) I think the R/E Movie would have benefited from a little in game cinematography (big word) like i dunno having Leon the cop as well as Jill and maybe introducing Ada (the ###### in the red dress) i would also have loved to see the Crocodile that you have to kill in RE2 - that would have made for some sweet special effects. the only effect that really impressed me was at the end when the city was Nuked from above and all the widows broke. The first movie was good cos it had the Manshion and the Labs and the Train ride at the end (just like the game) R/E 2 left out things like this - it had the potential to be a great 2'nd installment but i'm afraid for us Hardcore R/E fans it fails to deliver. .......and i'm no film critic
  8. Sweet i have exactly the same Keyboard! i got it about a week ago, the only thing that dissapoints me about is the Legs on the back dont lift the keyboard high enough and you accidentally hit other keys, i had to put 2 CD Cases under each leg to raise it to the height i wanted LOL But apart from that, yeah it's cool 8/10 for me
  9. I just saw R-E 2 on a "special" DVD i gotta say i dont think it was half as good as the first, i was very dissapointed by it. The fight secen at the end where she fights the Nemisis is very very ghey. No Game representation at all. I like how it ended though "Begin Project Alice" left it open for a 3'rd installment. But over all i was disapointed by the 2'nd movie, i loved the first!
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