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  1. I wouldn't say he sucks lol but everytime he tries to overclock his sytem crashes i just don't think he is setting something right. Yes back with amd lol first cpu i had was an athlon xp 2000 and i should have never strayed from amd .
  2. Thks guys i will try overclocking it a bit and see what happens . my old intel setup was overclocked a bit and this amd still beats the crap out of it running at stock speeds.
  3. Are u guys looking at my score or the first pic u see ? just asking b/c mine was 68,316 . and u guys think i can get more right now vid card is at stock speeds and so is the cpu . Hopefully i can get more b/c i want to crush my friends 3800+ and his x800xt.
  4. here is the link to my post in the score section what u guys think? can i get more ? Aquamrkscore
  5. Okay just finished setting up everything . stock speeds on the 6800 gt oc from bfg and amd 3500 + is this good and what can i do to improve also are temps allright that are posted in my sig?thks
  6. Okay everyone as of right now i am at 3000 with my 2.8 prescott,, ram is at 2.5-3-3-7 and so far everything is running good .thks i will keep it updated as i try to go higher right now i am watching temps to see how they do while gaming and stuff.
  7. Okay everyone i have a p4 prescott 2.8 on a msi neo2 865pe mobo, a gig of kingston hyper x pc3200 low latency ram running dual channel . i have a arctic cooling pro 4l or something like that and five case fans plus two in my antec true power 430 watt psu . right now i am at 2800 mhz cpu and the ram is at 400 mhz ,, with latency of 2-2-2-5 . what do i need to do in order to bump this baby up some more and get all i can without going to water cooling and stuff. idel temps are allways around 28 to 31 c cpu and 30 to 35 system ,,, load temps are 38 c and 40 . please help i want this thing to fly .
  8. 14,864 running card on highest possible quality stock speeds also . updated tweaked a few things and got it up a bit pic attached.
  9. the performance option in the bios is a setting that msi uses for high performance ram all i have found that it does is increase the fsb by 3 lol so its nothing really b/c u could do that on your own . it does state in the msi manual for your mobo to not use the ram performance option if u plan on overclocking i also checked into it with msi and this is the stuff they told me . as for me i have a 2.8 prescott with a gig of kingston hyper x 3200 low latency and i have the performance option on ultra and everything is running fine but u have to make sure your ram can handle it and also handle any voltage u throw at it.
  10. here is a link me and my friend have been looking at very hard lol i want one but don't ahve the cash right now to get it http://www.h2o-computer.com/us/index2.html
  11. add me deathwish711 i have a huge amount of people on my list been using it for over a year now.
  12. mine does that on occasion and i have read that before long microsoft hotmail free users will not be able to use outlook anymore unless they upgrade hotmail accounts . can't remember were i saw it but i remembered it b/c i use outlook for a lot of accounts.
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