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  1. I was basically wondering what the best CPU is for gaming, moderate overclocking and being somewhat future-proof. Currently I have a i7 920 that is still a solid cpu for what I do. But I'm having bsod problems that are really starting to frustrate me and I can't seem to resolve, so i'm just looking into upgrading my system. I'm curious to know if anybody has any input on what would be the equivalent to the i7 920 right now, in terms of price to performance and that sort of 'workhorse' cpu that can be more than enough power for years? I've been looking to the i7-4770k and 4670k and whether they would be a good fit or whether i should step back to the i7-3770, 3570? Would I ever use the integrated gpu? Do intels 4Gen. run too hot for a reliable and stable overlock? I havn't been keeping track of all the intel cpus recently and don't know what socket is what (lga 2011, 1155, 1150....) I just feel like there is way to many options. I was also looking into the Asus Maximus iv Hero motherboard and I already have a ATI 7970. Thanks for any help!
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