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    pentium 4 2.6c 800fsb ht oc to 3.1
    kingston value ram ddr400 512x2 sticks dual channel
    gigabyte ga-8ik1100 rev.2
    msi geforece 4 ti4800 oc at ati9800
    creative audigy 2 zs platinum series
    1 maxtor 200gig. 1 western digital 80gig
    1 mediacore 8x dvdrw dual format, 1 btc 52x cdrw
    aspire sleeved 500watt psu
    2 120mms, 3 zalman 80mm fans, 1 vantec 3.25 bay 4 channel controller
    2 blue cold cathodes, dual inverter

    dd maze 4: cpu.chipset.gfx
    dd black ice pro 2
    swiftech mcp650 12volt dc pump
    zerez racing coolant
    clearflex 60 1/2" od 5/8" od tubing
    clearbay 5/14 bay reservoir

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  1. hi, has anyone here succeeded in an rma towards a gigabyte product, i filled out one of those technical support forms on their site and its been a while and no response, i want to get my motherboard rma'd, anyone no place where i can file a form for an rma?
  2. im asking 140 for the card, but i am flexible so email me. email for verification pics the item is new in box, comes with video card, av cables, agp to dvi plug, manual, driver cd, and anything else thats included in retail box, nothings missing. sorry no local pick-ups. card will be send 24 hours after payment is sent. card has never been used so of course its still working. box is quite big, so i must charge $10.00 for shipping. please email me at [email protected] for questions, comments, or for more pictures. i recommend going here to read up on the card http://leadtek.com/3d_graphic/winfast_a350xt_tdh_1.html
  3. this is th same information as in my ebay auction. but make me an offer, id prefer cash, my ebay name is mrunamed, dont got heatware yet, im asking $180 for it, if it sounds kinda high lemme no your opinion. this item was barely used, and when i say barely, i mean only used for about a day, i upgraded the memory stick to a 512mb stick so it holds even more high resolution pictures! the auction only comes with the camera itself, a stick of 512mb of memory, and the lithium rechargable battery, thats it. i assure you that this camera is in working order and no marks or scratches are on the camera itself. and no damage on the memory stick or battery, like new. sony software, drivers, and manuals can be found at: http://darntoothysam.com/sony/ can contact me at through email with questions, comments, or picture requests at: [email protected] once i recieve payment, shipping will be $6. i will ship next day. Additional Information about Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P100 5.1 Megapixel Portions of this page Copyright 1997 - 2005 CNET Channel. All rights reserved. Product Description Featuring a huge 1/1.8" Super HAD CCD, Sony's innovative Real Imaging Processor, and a 3X optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, the Sony DSC-P100 gives you all of the features you would expect from a full-sized 5 Megapixel digital camera in a pocket-sized design. The DSC-P100 is also amazingly easy to use, thanks to its large 1.8-inch LCD monitor, 5 area multi-point auto focus and auto focus illuminator, and selectable focus mode. It even includes PictBridge compatibility for simple printing without the need of a personal computer. Details Dimensions (WxDxH): 10.8 cm x 2.7 cm x 5.2 cm Weight: 147 g Additional Features: Audio recording, multi-picture burst, direct print, USB 2.0 compatibility, built-in speaker, RGB primary color filter, auto power save, digital noise reduction, date/time stamp, DPOF support, digital image rotation, PRINT Image Matching, PictBridge support, histogram display, resizing an image Lens Features Optical Sensor Type: Super HAD CCD Optical Sensor Size: 1/1.8" Maximum Focal Length: 23 mm Minimum Focal Length: 7 mm Display: LCD display - TFT active matrix - 1.8" - color Flash Features Flash Type: Built-in flash Red Eye Reduction: Yes
  4. at E3 there was that liquid metal cooled gfx card, i forget the url, but ill find it,
  5. lol i just redo the settings afterwards yeah, its my memory because it boots up only with this other memory i tried, think it was a stick of samsung ddr333 512mb, but when using my memory, it just freezes at the windows screen clearing the cmos didnt help so now im trying to rma the memory back to kingston, value ram has an up and down side, the memory sucks butt but lifetime warrenty LOL quick question what does the chipset control? lol
  6. yeah its weird, i just now put the value ram back in my comp, and it says 1024 mb of ram! wtf! theres only a stick of 512 in there! ill try clearing the cmos its a gigabyte 8ik1100 rev2.0
  7. yes! thats what i meant LOL thx for the correction scorpian
  8. the other day my computer botted up saying i hat like 1524 mbs of ram, when i only have a gig of ram, then it would boot to the windows loading screen and just freeze while the blue bar is loadin, its strange, i dont if this is my memory, or hd or mobo, my ram is kingston value ram, but when i switched it out for a sec to some brand name ddr333 512mb ram, it identified my ram as 524mbs but the problem with the windows screen was still happeneing, any suggestions?
  9. LOL 40 dollars! yes, losing money is better then making money, no doubt about it
  10. because ebay has more idiots then serious bidders lol sold! for 500 dollars!....now....whos paying?.....hello?....anyone there? lol
  11. the koolance isnt worthless, its very stylish and contained in its own space, the exos 2 has minor modifications but nothing that would improve their sort o high temps, a lot of people say oh maybe i should modify it, but in the end its not worth it, your just adding more money and time on top of your already expensive koolance system. i favor the waterblocks because it has given me great temps over these past months, 21k gold and great flow even for a maze block. easy installation has always saved me time because other blocks require that you remove the cpu heatsink tray or whatever and use screws to tighten down the cpu block.
  12. your in luck, cause now theres a copper version, [email protected] it looks nice
  13. hey cool, i got the same psu as you nice modding, although i want to find a sticker, alternative to yours, saying "rapist inside" muhaha i went snooping! LOL
  14. lol sure hope you didnt get those shower hoses from your bathtub yeah, the darker sleaving looks nicer then the flashy silver
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