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  1. I was showing that for reference. After more research, I've discovered that its a Japanese version of the PSU. they released a product only in Japan that it is compatible with. Here's the link for those interested....in Japanese of course. http://www.gdm.or.jp/crew/2012/1225/15469
  2. just found the answer. it's for an only sold in Japan accessory. looks like I got a Japanese PSU. which is fine I guess lol. here the link if your interested. Thanks for the response anyway man. http://www.owltech.co.jp/products/bracket/BRKT18/BRKT18.html
  3. Yeah it is. The picture shows clear plastic on the ends but mine is really all black, like the rest of the cords. Computer starts without it, but its weird to have just this spare cord.
  4. need some help. Building my first Bit Fenix rig but am stuck. This plug comes off the 24 pin connector on its own thin cord. the 24 pin connector is already plugged in. The 8 pin board connector is already plugged in as well. Where do I plug this thing in? its a seasonic 760 platinum power supply. I can't find anywhere on the Asus Maximus Impact for it to go. I searched everything online but no luck. what is this mystical PSU cord thing and where does it go? thanks guys. you can see the little cord coming off the 24 pin connector here as well.
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