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  1. Threw it onto Ebay - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=201038056286&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123
  2. Price reduced to $95 shipped. Also taking offers.
  3. I've got an Asus 5850 for sale. Pulled from my machine today. Works great and have never had any issues with it. Asking $110 shipped.
  4. Out of curiosity, did you buy it or make it yourself? How'd you connect it to your main box? I'm trying to figure out if just long cables would work well enough or how I want to go about doing it for sure.
  5. Oh awesome. I was wondering as I've seen PSUs used before without having them plugged in I'm just gonna jump it with a paperclip until I come up with a more permanent solution. Appreciate all the help guys!
  6. Didn't know it pulled from both! That makes things a bit easier. As far as the sense wire goes, is that a necessity? You're saying I actually need it plugged into an ATX connector on a board? That can't be right can it? 0o
  7. I'll give him a bit to respond here before I go bugging him - Thanks for the name though. I'll see if I can't get in touch with him if I don't have an idea by this weekend
  8. Appreciate the link. This is actually something I had found earlier. However, the first reply (with the link) the question states that he needed a 0.5A load on the 5V while the second reply states needing a 0.5A load on the 12V. I'm hoping to find out if the 5V load is actually required or not.
  9. Well the goal is to spend as little (if any) money on this. Simply using a spare case and spare PSU = 0$. Buying a new power supply for the server would mean 50-75$.
  10. Yep. But, seeing as I am also low on power connectors on the power supply in the server I was considering simply constructing an external enclosure. The other option(s) : 1) sit the extra PSU ontop of the server and jump it manually. or 2) simply buy splitters for the molex connectors and use them. However, worried about overloading the current supply when the machines boots. Hence the hope of using the spare PSU
  11. I considered this. However, I have 8 drive bays in the current case and can't find much bigger without spending a ton. As far as an external enclosure goes, I'm stuck with eSATA or Firewire for the bandwidth for all the drives and to get a decent one runs $200+. I'd rather build one myself using spare components if possible!
  12. I've recently run out of room in my home server's case for hard drives. Seeing as all the drives are 2TBs, I don't really think upgrading the drives is cost effective. My goal is to create a small enclosure to house 4-6 drives which will be powered using an old spare PSU and connected to a SATA controller within the server itself. I'd simply using a push button soldered between the ground and green/power on wire and use that to power it on. However, I have read that running a power supply without a load could damage it. In this case I would only be loading the 12V line.. could I damage the power supply without a 5V load? Is there a good, clean way to create a load on the 5V rail if needed (for instance, using a resistor)? Appreciate any advice on this!
  13. Well guys, been a long time since I've been around on OCC. Been strapped for cash the past few years (college) and haven't had the money to keep up in the computer world as much as I like! Luckily, Monday afternoon my new parts arrive! For reference later, my components: i5 750 GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4P Asus HD5850 2x2GB OCZ 1600 Now, my issue is a rather simple one. I have hard drives that I will be reusing from my last PC. I have TWO WD 160GB, ONE 500GB Hitachi, ONE WD 1TB - All 7200RPM drives. I also have a 2TB Western Digital Green, and ONE 500GB USB Seagate Freeagent, ONE 320GB Freeagent Go USB. The problem lies in the fact that I was planning on making one of the 160GB drives into my system drive. I toyed with the idea of putting them into RAID before deciding to actually benchmark the two of them to see how they performed separately.... Turns out, neither of them break 55MB/s with access times of nearly 16ms each while even my WD Green manages faster speeds. Seeing as I would prefer not to have my new build brought down by hard drive throughput and access times, I am in the market for a new hard drive. Seeing as I have plenty of space for my needs, I am more looking for a drive that will perform well. Obviously a SSD would be nice but I just can't afford it at the moment. So, I ask a few questions: 1) Is buying a new drive (feasibly with less platters) worth the extra cost? If I have all my applications/programs/swap file moved to other drives will I actually see much of a performance loss using the older drives as OS drives? 2) Would RAIDing these two older 160GBs give any tangible speed increase? Is it worth it to bother or would simply buying a new drive be wiser? 3) Anyone with gobs of money want to send a poor college student a speedy SSD? I appreciate the help in trying to figure out the best move! And, if any other information is required, feel free to ask! Thanks much!
  14. Just popped in an old FX5200 I had lying around(known good card) and I still get no picture The monitor only has Analog input - However, I also tried it with a second monitor and still nothing Any other suggestions?
  15. Well, I recently had the opportunity to upgrade my computer... I decided to take the chance and bought some parts and went for it! I took my old computer apart as I was planning on using the same case and moving the parts to a different case to give as a gift to my sister(she is still using a P3..) Anyways, long story short, I ended up dropping the processor and bending about 12 pins on it.. I spent the next hour carefully bending the pins back into the correct position and it sunk down into the 939 socket on the motherboard. Got everything plugged up and hit the power button... and, it all worked! So, I went to installing XP, drivers, updates and SP3. After the SP3 install, I restarted and installed an antivirus program on it for her. I shut the PC down and took it to her place to plug it up. Got it plugged up and hit the power button.. no video output at all. Fans spin up but no video output. I tried to reseat the video card and RAM and still get nothing. It gives no system beeps or anything So, am I to conclude that the processor has managed to short out itself/the motherboard? Or does anyone else have any ideas?
  16. Haha its not so much ugly as just plain.. No extra gloss or paint.. just a black matte Anyways, Lenovo does let you customize your Thinkpad(I am not sure if the link I posted earlier lets you.. thats a deal going on now and might be set units only.) - I know this because my laptop was allowed to be customized(Processor, HD, RAM, Wireless Card, Fingerprint Reader) - The model number of mine also ends in "CTO" which stands for Custom or Custom To Order Anyways, I still think that buying a cheaper laptop from a big brand for 700$ or less and getting a new one down the line is the best bet
  17. Honestly, I am surprise noone has recommended a Thinkpad -- I am using a Thinkpad T61p at the moment and love it. However, for a few cost saving options I recommend ordering it with the memory in one DIMM and buying another seperately(I just got 4 gigs for about 40$ online..) Lenovo makes the IBM Thinkpad now and they have an awesome 1 year warranty. Take a look at them Otherwise, I would recommend doing what another poster said: Spend 750$ now on a "decent" laptop and save the other 750$ for one 2 years down the road -- Technology changes alot in 2 years EDIT: www.lenovo.com/cpp passcode = 704919 Thanks goes to Homeytheclown(Slickdeals)
  18. What most people will tell you on this forum is... Core 2 Extreme is the biggest waste of money >< Honestly, its pretty much only for people with wayyy too much money or extreme OC enthusiasts.. Same for the DDR3 memory right about now.. Anyways, looking at the parts... most are pretty much the best thing you can buy... soo itll do just about anything you need it to... however, Id save the 500$ or so and just get a C2Q instead of the Extreme(saves a good 50-60$ on RAM going DDR2 instead of 3 as well...)
  19. I use my Icemat 2nd edition - I love it -- Nice and large, extremely smooth, easy to clean... just all around a great mousepad My only complaint is you get a slightly louder scratching noise on it than you do some other mousepads on the market - Also, its a tad bit pricey(Not too much more than any of the others listed so far I don't think...)
  20. I have a quick question about some C++ I had always learned to start my program as int main(void){ //insert code here } However, Dev-Cpp and VS both start the program with int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]){ //code } Anyone mind explaining to me the significance of the "int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])" portion and the reason for VS naming main as _tmain? Sorry, Im still pretty new to C++ and I have my second class on it coming up soon and want to brush up on it some.. Anyways, I appreciate the help
  21. Well, I used to have the set before that(the PC150s) and loved them -- The good is it had nice sound quality and the mic worked very well - Was comfortable for short gaming periods The bad: I ended up breaking mine because the cord was rather thing and I forgot I had them on and went to walk away from my computer and snapped it >< They started to hurt my ears after long periods of time.. however, that was because I wear glasses. If I put my contacts in instead I had no problems Overall, for the money, I loved mine and would definately buy them again(Or the 151s as they seem to have replaced the 150s) Something to note if you dont already know.. the ear pieces are NOT full coverage - that is they sit on your ear rather than around it.. Hence why it hurt my ears when I wore my glasses.
  22. VERRRRYY practical Also, send some of that money my way >< - my aging A64 could use an upgrade or two...
  23. Watercooling AND 10 fans? youre crazy >< But, thanks for the recommendation and the reasoning behind it -- Will definately pick up some of them at the end of this week
  24. Awesome - thanks for the input -- both of you seem to be Panaflo fans(no pun intended) so I will give them a shot -- I had been looking into the more expensive Noctua/Scythe fans as I had heard they were nice and quiet Any opinions on either of those? or do the Panaflo fans seem to be about the same just without the added price factor?
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