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  1. That is very cool! I will have to discuss this with a few of my professors. The heat generated by a processor is due to inefficiency of the chip, or energy lost to resistance within the processor. Unless we are talking about ideal conductors there will always be waste heat.
  2. That sounds similar to chip-integrated cooling (microchannels manufactured into the chip geometry in which fluid would flow). Could you explain what role you think the electrical-to-kinetic energy change in EHD would play in chip cooling? Is it the manufacture of the microchannels that is the major cost-barrier for this technology?
  3. I could.. But to a certain extent that's been done before. Submerged cooling is pretty cool though. What about encapsulated cooling for personal computing? Is that something that has been done before? (Icetope does encapsulated cooling for servers if you want to read up on it). http://www.iceotope.com/
  4. Hello Overclockers! I am researching high-performance cooling systems for electronics and was wondering if y'all had any suggestions for new cooling technologies that our team could investigate for a thermal engineering design project. Right now it seems like there are a million ways that we could go; multi-phase cooling, micro-refrigeration, fanless/pumpless cooling, chip-integrated cooing, something with contact resistances, something with heat sink geometry. What do you think will be the next big thing? PS. This is for an engineering senior design project for university
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