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  1. We bought a LOT of computers at an auction a while back, and I have about 1000$, anymore info, like a full sys spec?
  2. I have about 1000 laying around, and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions about what I should get with it (custom computer). I'd like something for gaming, but this will be my first custom computer, thnx for any suggestions in advance. Also, it'd be great if you could give me the specs or w/e on all the things for the computer. (all the pieces, and what they are i.e. 512 ram and so forth.) thnx
  3. Not really, but thank you for your help.
  4. I personally wouldn't sell on Ebay, cuz I don't like online stuff, cuz they can screw you over.. but.. if I had the cash, I'd give about 2000-2400.
  5. Anyone know where I can get a proxy surfing script to put on my site. I don't know if i called it right, but it's a script that lets other users of the internet to use the internet through your proxy, so people can't trace it. Any help is thnx. ~Steve~
  6. No, I'm not overclocking. All I do is play Starcraft, and go to sites to learn about computers. Thanks for the help people.
  7. Do any of you know WHAT CAUSES THIS?
  8. Thanks for the help, but I can't do safe mode (However, I didn't try w/ command prompt). When you say try a floppy or cd, how can I get one of these? Thank you soooo much.
  9. I was on computer yesterday and I was playing Starcraft, and then my computer did a mini restart, then froze. I restarted, it was fine, and then I had computer on for like 1 hour, then it happened again. I restarted, and it gave me an error that windows has to shut down to prevent further damage. It's an unmoutable boot volume, and I can't get passed the windows xp start screen (where the blue thing tells progress). Then it give me the ( i think ) hexidecimal shiz. I don't know what it is and I am pretty sure it won't let me get even there anymore. Any suggestions?? ~Steve~
  10. I understand what it does, I was just wondering what the purpose of having it was. Any help is appreciated!!
  11. Ok thanks, and um, can anyone tell me anywhere where I can find that infornation?? Thnx ~Steve~
  12. Hi, I have a registered domain, and it's got 1 gig of space and 20 gig monthly transfer. Is there a script of some sort that would let me have multiple emails on it. There is some option w/ the provider, but it dosen't want me to get it working, any scripts or suggestions would really help. Thnx ~Steve~
  13. I think it is really good, except the long space at the end : \
  14. I think we need a 'General' forum, that we can talk about EVERYTHING. For instance, I was wondering where I would find a source about everything computers to learn something and um, you know, just general information about computers, servers, networking, etc... Thnx ~Steve~
  15. Anyone know any tricks/tweaks for school network computers on Windows XP Pro (On Novell, so I'd be really looking for Novell Tricks). If you could help I would really appreciate it. I am the computer geek at school trying to unrestrict everything they have restricted me (and the other students) from using. I'd appreciate anything you have to say. PLZ help!!! P.S. Anything to do w/ enabling things on network 'hacking' (don't want to sound malicious), or anything else. Oh, and sorry if I double posted, I don't/didn't remember if I posted this question on this site yet, I'm registered on a few different sites that I am on regularily. Thnx ~Steve~
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