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  1. running staightup stock HAHAHAHAHAHA 176! let me turn the overclocks back on and see if I can get it over 200 Upgrade from 5200 to 6600GT AGP OC'd to 567 & 1.13 new score of 3391 not bad for an old Barton 4.12.05 - applied some Arctic Silver and was able to push it smoothly to 3553 @ 580 & 1.16, still running Barton [email protected]
  2. I'd like to Second DVD Shrink for backing up DVDs. But then I've only used Alcohol 120 for backing up and playing my games.
  3. Yeah a noob with a 5000 point cert <_< cool, I've been waiting a long time for that number
  4. Hello there noob as registered member but I've been folding since May. I would've registered sooner but had been using the same free email accounts since 96. My ISP was changing so much, it was the only way to go. Anyhow, it is good to be here and I am looking forward to learning and sharing folding and OC stuff
  5. Dimonicka

    Little Wolf PC case mod

    Build for my Youngest son Jacob
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