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  1. Only 1201 days until I catch Soundman, YAY! When I had one rig I was holding the top 150, added two last fall and jumped inside the top 100, another in May helped to the top 50 but even with a new 64 bit rig due in August the top 30 will hard to break. There's like 200 rigs in the top five, gonna be long time till we catch them ;-) Congrats and thanks to all the Folders
  2. That's too bad about 4 mobos in 9 months. My sig and sig image are also outta date. I lost both of the 160 GB drives(out on RMA) and had to pull my OC back to stock due to the summer heat. I was able to add a Sempron 2500+ tho and am gathering parts for an A64 monitor mod project that should be done in August. 100K seemed impossible when I started w/only one rig, kinda the way a million looks from here w/only 4 rigs :-)
  3. Looks like I finally popped a 100,000 points, that last 1,000 seemed to take forever :-) Congrats to Alxxx and the others who've recently topped this milestone. Thanks fer Folding and keep churnin' out the work units just noticed the slimmer folding sigs can't seem to fit the whole point total, funny, I guess they were not made for the 100k group? ;-)
  4. The Final Cut is my fave I think. Actually they already got back together for Live8 last saturday, aolmusic.com has the clips to see for free. it is an awesome set, as are the rest of the live8 vids...
  5. Thanks LP, I was wondrin how I got my 1 point
  6. Wow, Dude that is sooo very cool. Thanks fer all the WU's ;-)
  7. sequoia view is pretty cool but I like that spacemonger shows the whole drive including free space. And the folders and file levels are differentiated by color. Glad to hear you found the prob, tho okay, found the options in Sequoia for showing free space as well. My Bad, nice program, ...very Fancy. :-)
  8. Check out spacemonger, not sure where i got it(maybe MaiximumPC disk or majorgeeks.com) It shows a complete map of your hard-drive. Sounds like a prob I had with Norton Protected recycle Bin, I changed my settings to remove from HDD on deleting so as to free up space immediately. Here's the link for spacemonger: http://www.werkema.com/software/spacemonger.html
  9. Some stuff a little older for me: Dead Can Dance, Swans, This Mortal Coil, Nick cave and the Bad Seeds(Murder Ballads is fun;-) ). Most of this is ten to twenty years old tho. Besides agreeing on Moby I'm not up on the newer stuff. I used to love Kitaro, too.
  10. Congrat's hope it was a good day Kobalt, thanks fer sharing your modding skilz :thumbs-up:
  11. I was able to bump the signal to my D-link DSM320 to full with a directional antenna. I punched a small hole through a tough wall that was extra thick for fire protection, threaded the wire through and connected to the router. Only time I have prob now is if We are watching a movie and someone uses the microwave(my office and router are right behind the stove).
  12. Here's mine, needs to be updated tho as I've added another 160 GB to the specs and finsihed the Doom3 long ago. I like MegaVyrus and Hardnrg sigs so far...
  13. That'll be the perfect addition to a little modding project I hope to do this summer. 125 mm high and 112 deep, Phew, I might have to mount the PSU outside the box. :-) Anyone heard a price on it yet? I couldn't find mention of one in any of the links.
  14. From someone who has around ten grand worth of ink in his skin: Find a good artist first, someone who can make up an original piece based on your on likes/interests. Even with blackwork, or as non-natives call it, 'tribal', if the ink is not laid in properly then it will fade and mottle. Black work can look really awesome with textures put in to it, but not if the texture was unplanned. Also when you do get one, take care of yourself especially your skin and blood. Otherwise it will not heal properly and scab up. A tattoo should not scab, the skin should flake away like a snake shedding. Use a good waterbased lotion(lubriderm) to keep it soft. Do not use neosporin as my first tattooist told me to use. Neosporin draws out impurities from your skin, including ink! Do not drink alcohol or do any type of drug to help minimize the pain, it will only thin your blood causing the ink to fade out in spots. But, do drink lots of water, keep your body hydrated. The one time i took a painkiller before getting ink I almost passed out, could have been that we were in a friends living room with no air circulation and the middle of summer. Anyhow, find a good artist first and talk over with him/her the things that a most interesting/important to you. If they have any imagination at all you will get an original piece that means more to you than any piece of flash could. Sorry for all the words but I love tattoos for the art, and as with any piece of expensive original art it should be cared for and preserved as much as possible.
  15. For building PC's on the cheap I go with CompUSA locally and get the Antec CS200 Builder Series. They are 24.99 even in Ak so no shipping cost. They come in black or beige for the same price. They don't come with fans tho, but I usually have extras lying around from upgrades to my main rig. They are a little bit tight, but house an ATX board and have 2 USB's up front. Not as pretty as the higher end models but my Mom will love the one I'm currently building for her birthday next weekend.
  16. Poor spelling becomes a big problem on forums when noobs/OCC Members are continually asked to use the search before posting a question. If the answer to a question about controllers is in a post about a controler, then the noob/OCC member doesn't find it and gets flamed with "use the search!" or the icon. Grammar is a preference thing for me but poor spelling makes our search for knowledge unnecessarily harder.
  17. Congrats Kewl One, way to go(time to add another machine, eh?) Here comes McFly, should pass me in the next couple days...
  18. Is that next month's Maximum PC Rig of thte Month? There's a fine line between Genius and opposite of genius.
  19. Anybody see this on the inquirer? Apparently it caches pages on googles server to help with speed but has been known to log users in under different user names?!?! Some companies are blocking the google accelerator for fear that this could be a security risk. http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=23051
  20. A homer vote for The Sonics here. Seriously tho, d-fense is a key part of McMillan's game has been since George Karl ran the team in the early nineties. Shoot he helped Gary Payton become the 'glove'. As for the Spurs in the next round: Seattle split the season series 2-2. Should be a great matchup, but now that all the guys are healthy and had a few weeks at the end of the season to heal and rest up, well like I said to start... HOMER vote for Seattle
  21. AMD here, cuz I too am Cheapskate, but I still use my cyrix too(as a keychain! )
  22. Congrats hardnrg, looks like we may be bumping into one another for a minute
  23. I second what Nemo said, I first read about folding on this forum and started folding immediately for OCC. But I did not become a member until the end of last summer cuz I only had free email accounts. So, I been folding since May of 2004
  24. Just the opposite for me. I OC cuz I am poor and can't afford better chips and GPU's. My 2500 runs like a 3200 and when the price comes down enough I will get a 3200 that hopefully will give me 4000 speed.
  25. Right On, Looks good to me Zigen, thanks fer the pics. The case is pretty sweet in my book, looks like a great base to start with.
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