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  1. congrats anyho, 700+ points a day is excellent. thanks for folding
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    Yes, I've ordered a few things from them. Quick turn around, good deals and no problems here.
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    Good Job vooduu_child, Thanks for Folding Proteins :-)
  4. I think this is awesome, and about time. They have beeen working on this for long enough that the concerns that have been raised should already be addressed. I have been an nvidia fanboi since 2000 but currently the ATI cards are a better value. That added to the ability to fold will mean my next card will be an R580 core. Add a Zalman cooler and bring on the work units.
  5. Congrats apostolics, thanks fer all the WU's
  6. Big smiles! Thank-you too. Big fun for me was moving up the ranks. With 3 rigs running now you ought to make the top 100 in no time
  7. Awesome image. It has a Realness to it that can be felt. Thanks
  8. Yes. I fold because I remember having Christmas in my Dad's hospital room when I was 10 years old(1977). He had red lines drawn on his chest for something I was too young to know about. He had smoked for over thirty years but quit when the doc told him he had cancer, thirteen months later my grandma told me I didn't have to go to school today cuz my dad had died. I have researched enough to know that we will not cure cancer in our lifetimes or my sons' lifetimes. But I believe that the groundwork we are doing now will eventually help more than just cancer victims. Every disease is basically a protein folding problem that some day our grandchildren may be able to counteract with a specific protein supplement. I used to run seti also, but switched to FAH immediately when I first read about it on Overclockers Club. I started folding for team 12772 then. That was Months before I joined the forums and have installed folding as a service in every PC that I have built since. Currently I only have two machines turning in WU's tho cuz my girl just dumped me and I've been crashing on my mum's couch. ;-( hehehehe and so it goes HD
  9. Thanks guys. It is true, you don't have to be rich and get the most expensive parts. I OC cuz it helps me get more for my money and with 3 sons there is not always extra $. Same thing with modding, I take what I've got or can afford and try to make it 'worthy'. My old 2500+ and Abit KV7 80 gig WD Caviar se 512 corsair vs pc3200 DVD ROM drive LED fan & case feet Krylon flourescent spray paint hex mesh and a gigabyte 6200 agp vid card and my 12 year old son will have pretty ripping PC that only cost bout $500 and my time. The only bummer was that he couldn't make it up to visit this summer and be a part of the build. HD
  10. Thanks guys, my fave part is the cut-outs and hex-mesh in the bezel. The case has mounts for 4 80 mm fans in front but had no air intake besdide the slit under the usb/sound ports. I'll post it to the case gallery after a thorough cleaning and get the vid card installed.
  11. This machine is for my twelve year old, so he will use it for school(yeah right) and gaming of course. Yes it still needs a little touch up on the cleaning but I just couldn't wait to post some pics. Thanks
  12. wutup guys, here's the cse I built for my oldest boy. mostly it is old parts left from various upgrades but the case started from the 29.99 compusa special. Lotsa dremel work and some cool xtras from CrazyPC, should be the coolest case on the block. It still needs a video card, I'll be ordering a 6200 sometime this week and shipping the whole package to him in the next couple weeks.
  13. wutup gilly, welcome to the OCC, I look forward to seeing yer mods. I been working on some stuff this summer I should be able to post in a couple of weeks.
  14. And then there's Dimonicka, ;-) Mines a play on my middle name(dominic), I swapped the "o" and first "i", added a "k" and it became dimonick @ excite, hotmail, and yahoo. Been using the same three accounts since '96(they've become mostly bulk & spam storage tho). I liked the look of the @ sign so it became Dimonicka at cybertown/ColonyCity(anyone remember that one?). That sucked a little cuz all the others assumed my character was a female. So then it became a good last name. Horace/Horus came from an old Electric Light Orchestra song(The Diary of Horace Wimp) and from the Egyptian god Horus. I like the hawk's head and there are folks who say that the egyption child-god Horus best represents the current era of humans. We''re like kids playing with all their new, recently invented toys.
  15. I just got a Lexar LDP-600 off of Ebay new in package for 80.99. took less than a week for shipping. Has 512 mem and an SD slot to add another gig, has FM radio and an FM transmitter which I tried at work last night and it transmitted about 50 ft using the headphones as an antenna. eBay store has them rotating on auction and I have not seen 1 go for more than 90 bucks. lowest I've seen was 51.00. Only prob is it re-charges through USB, charge is sposed to last 14 hours. Hope that helps and
  16. Due to hot summer I have a 2500+ Barton and a 2500+ Sempron running at stock. The Barton seems to work frames a couple minutes faster on the 600 pointers. Both have 512 megs of Corsair VS RAM and Via Kt600 chipsets. The Barton is on an Abit KV7 while the Sempron is on an ECS KT600-A. Hope that helps and
  17. Sure I've cut some ventilation holes in this old case. But modding for me is looking around the room and saying, "Hmmmmm, now what can I put a PC in? ...Hey, that old Mac monitor isn't doing anything!!!"
  18. Here are two links to the OCC Case Gallery: http://www.overclockersclub.com/gallery/?a...0008.jpg&id=902 http://www.overclockersclub.com/gallery/?a...0010.jpg&id=979 MetkuMods and moddin'.net are a couple of places to add to the idea fount. Im working on a Monitor mod for the HTPC thing and it will be silver outside to go with the rest of out entertainment System and Black inside to help the components and LEDs pop. I've seen it a few other places too, I just think it makes a project look 'Finished' B:) Keep on Moddin'
  19. I'd put some black paint on those drive cages. Or whatever color you like but they stand out, in an unfinished kinda way :-) Thanks fer the pics, it's good to see that HSF installed and in action. It's always hard to tell from the marketing shots how much space components will take.
  20. Good Job, it looks very Pro. That HSF is huge I'm surprised it fit under the PSU. Thanks fer the pics
  21. Nice job, those are pretty smooth. I like the OCCsignaruto one best. I like to play with the old programs myself, so I'm good. I just wanted to say, "nice art".
  22. Happy Anniversary!!! Addictive? Hell Yeah, If I don't add another rig soon you'll be blazin by in like 3 or 4 month heheheh
  23. Dude, I just got an old logitech keyboard and had the same prob when I first set it up. I got new drivers and did the whole uninstall-reinstall thing too many times. There is a file in the Logitech folder(mines in Program Files) called itouch(registration entries). Double click this, it'll ask if you want to write these settings to the registry, click okay. It was a very quick end to a day and a half of trying different drivers and installations. Good luck, hope it works for you :-)
  24. Right On Raven65, that's a pretty smooth rig you got there, G/J
  25. 6.50 seems pretty cheap for six LED boards, getting something quick and easy like that leaves more time for cutting, sanding, and painting.
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