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  1. SORRY EDITED MY REPLY i gave some info on what the stuff does.
  2. hay Kamikaze_Badger i will pm you with links someday i edited my thread also
  3. i am new here but i thought that in should add some other things that help with spy ware stuff............. Ad-aware vx2 cleaner plugin for ad-aware CCleaner----------crap cleaner CWSearch-------cool web search remover About:buster-----about blank remover HRSremove--------Only the Best McAfee AVERT stinger and of course spyware Blaster--------prevents spyware from loading on your computer everthing is free to download and to use ( i use this stuff myself ) let me know if you want the links and i will post them
  4. thank you all. i am still exploring this site. it looks like a good one. i hope i can learn alot from here...
  5. well hello i am san pedro ( named after the cactus ) well i thought i would say hi. just a quick question....i am going to build my first puter. so does anybody have any links to a good description on doing it... thanks ps i wish i would have found this site 1 month ago....i am folding for a different team........but i wont say who
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