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  1. Thank you! Hello everyone! So I finally finished Cold Winter, the third version. I went back and checked when I started the first project log for this case, 2011-01-04, a while ago. However, this mod has meant a lot to me, this was the second serious project I made and the first one I was really satisfied with. Since then I made a second version and then started planning a third version that I promised myself was going to be the last, and here it is! The sad part is the scratches on the acrylic, this was made when I built this case at my school, someone there thought it was funny to start etching stuff on it, the same happened at Dreamhack. So sad, I tried as good as possible to polish it but not with a really good result. The good part is that isnt really easy to see if you dont put a light right on the scratches. I want to say thank you for all the nice comments and feedback of Cold Winter and I also want to give a big shoutout to the sponsors for helping me with the hardware! EKWB! Thank you for helping me. Be Quiet sponsored me with a Shadow Rock 2. Gigabyte sponsored me with a GA-F2A88XN-WIFI. MNPCTech sponsored me with this fan grill to have in the front, should look awesome! Clear Acrylic 120mm Overkill "Nautilus" PC Fan Grill from Mnpctech.com Well do you want to see the final pictures? Here you go! Ill be back here with more updates on other projects. Until then, I would be happy if you would like to check out my facebook-page where I post all my projects, updates and giveaways. Check it out and like it. Thank you everyone! With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  2. Thank you! Thanks! The loop is filled with Mayhems, its leaktested and the computer boots up! This project is now finished. I took some pictures of the result, the final pictures will be taken tomorrow though, but here are some sneakpeaks. What do you think? With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  3. I want to start by announcing a new sponsor and thank them for all their help, EKWB! Thank you for helping me and sending me: 120mm XT Radiator Supremacy Clean CSQ Nickel-Acrylic RES X3 150mm Fittings I started out installing the loop to see how I wanted everything, the RES is installed in the top like this. The 120mm XT rad goes in the front of course together with the DCP 2.2 pump on the bottom. The entire loop from behind, whats missing here is the cover over the PSU and the pump, working on that right now aswell as fixing all the cables to perfect lenght. I cant get a good photo from the side because of the tinted plexiglass, although, as soon as I have some lights inside the case there will be good pictures. Last picture of the day! What do you think so far? I have dissassembled everything now to finish the last small details. Complete the coverplate for the PSU and pump. Fix all the cables to perfect lenght. Install a SSD. Leaktest. OS Install and config. Hopefully Ill have a new update this weekend, until then, have a good day! With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  4. Thank you all! Sorry for no updates here, but I have been waiting for the release of AMD A10-7850K, now it is here and I cant wait to start. Im still waiting for watercooling gear from EKWB though, after I got that I can start the casemodding for real.
  5. I rushed to finish a aircooled version for Dreamhack that was this weekend thursday, for a Gigabyte contest there. After that I will start the real project with custom loop and other goodies. To start off: Be Quiet sponsored me with a Shadow Rock 2. Gigabyte sponsored me with a GA-F2A88XN-WIFI. What I started doing was to fix the 120mm hole in the front and also make the 92mm hole in the back to 120mm. Then I started working on a shroud that would cover the powersupply. Used acrylic that I painted black on one side. Then I painted the inside of the acrylic black too so it would hide the powersupply and everything else. Then I added the fan grill I got from Bill. Looks awesome! I got the motherboard and cpu down at J
  6. Thanks! Go work on that thing! Thank you I dont know, should it?
  7. I just ordered this fan grill to have in the front, should look awesome! Clear Acrylic 120mm Overkill "Nautilus" PC Fan Grill from Mnpctech.com
  8. Here you have the final pictures. Hope you liked this log as much as I did. Dont have so much to say. Now I can go on with my other build Cold Winter and finish that. Thanks to LCDModkit and Aquatuning for helping me with some parts. Some nightshots Comparison with a Coke On top of my receiver, hifi-style Thank you for all the nice comments and feedback. Ill be back with another project for sure! With kind regards Johan Nyman
  9. Hello! Its time for a update, probably one of the last. This all started out as a sideproject but turned out to be my priority. So I have been putting time into every small detail and now its 100% finished. Last thing to do is to take some time to get some really nice final pictures (again). Anyway, I read on another forum that a fabric called "Sarita" from Ikea works perfect as dustfilter. So I bought 1sqm = 5$. I havent found any fanfilter for 100mm fans so had to make my own. Made a frame in acrylic, painted it white and glued the fabric on it. The installed it over the fan under the case. Another little detail I wanted to do was a little shroud for the back of the LCD. Just made it simple with acrylic again. Took out everything, cleaned everything and assembled everything again. I think Ill go with the sleeved look. Gives it a little extra. So thats it. Been a fun project and Ive got really good feedback on it. If I have time tomorrow Ill get the final pictures up. Going out in the sun/snow to take some pictures tomorrow. Thanks Johan Nyman
  10. Hiya there! My new motherboard is here! Finally, without the i/o shield though so I had to get a new one from ebay. However, I installed the new mobo and this time I need to use a picopsu so some sleeving was done. Now you can see my harddrivebay in action! Whats in here??? Open it up and tada! Goodlooking cooler! Im pretty satisfied with this harddrivebay. I cant decide if Im going to go like this, with sleeved cables, or hide them all under the harddrivebay and motherboard so only the sata cables is showing. What do you think? Cheers! Johan Nyman
  11. Its starting to be a habit of mine to create harddrive-bays every night. Anyways... Made new cutouts of the second design, this time for three harddrives. Sanded down the edges and ofcourse painted it white. I think Ill go with this design actually, I asked around what people thinks and its 50/50. But when the case has this round, smooth design it feels better with a similar harddrive bay instead of something with raw edges. Second design rev 2: In the case It kinda looks like a smaller version of the case. Ill go with this one! Hope you like it! Johan Nyman
  12. I sold the harddrives I was using in this build, got a 1TB 2.5" instead and a Corsair Force SSD. Also a Asus E45M1-I Deluxe is coming. So some hardware upgrades is going on here. When changing to only 2.5" disks I wanted to make a harddrive bay. Here it is! I drew up some different designs but I went with this one, measured out and cut with a jigsaw. What about some white paint on these? And this is how it looks in the case: What do you think? Johan Nyman
  13. Hello! I bought a Canon 400D from a friend a couple of weeks ago so now I got some better pictures, the final pictures. The last thing I did was to install a fan filter over the 100mm fan under the motherboard. I have been using this build as my main computer for a while because Im working on another project. The temps are pretty good, uses it for movies, music and internet. No problemo! Enought with that, here are the final pictures. Hope you enjoy them! Left side Right side Backpanel Frontpanel Thank you and Ill see you soon again!
  14. I sanded down the edges and polished it. Looks a little bit better. Also made a 100mm hole under the motherboard, will put a slim 100mm fan there on low rpm too. With a little dustfilter. The edges 100mm hole I also did a little "mediabenchtest". Put on 10x 1080p movies in a playlist and the CPU and GPU never got over 65c. So Im satisfied. Now with a intake it will get even better. Heres the 100mm fan, a slim version from Scythe. I wasnt going to make an air intake even though everyone wanted me too, I just want to clarify, I didnt really needed it and I had no idea how to install a fan without hiding it. But then I found this fan, its 12mm thick, and the acrylic is 8mm thick, so I made a 100mm hole and installed the fan with help of some glue. So it extends 4mm over the acrylic. Just waiting for a dustfilter to go over the fan.
  15. Here is some pictures of how I managed all the cables. I took some small Fractal Design fans and soldered together and put on the side of the harddrives to cool them down a little. Thats about it. After this I cleaned everything and took some final pictures of the build. Im soon gonna buy a better camera so I can take some better pictures and I will post them here later. But here is the final pictures Ive got right now. So thats about it. I know many might wonder why I dont have any intake for air. But Ive tried the computer for a while like this and the temps doesnt get to high, they are higher than an normal computer but not to far. Its a HTPC and doesnt get that much stressed anyways. And air always get in there in some kind of way.
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