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  1. Will the insertion of PCI/e into the market cause the AGP cards to lower in price?
  2. Heck NO!! I want my check!! I don't trust the government to spend my money wisely. And put it in SS??? I don't think so. Unless it gets a major overhaul, I don't want any of my money going there (unfortunately by law I have no choice). Oh yeah!! and the environement can kiss my a$$!!! hehe, j/k caxis0 Just pulling your chain!
  3. It only took him 10 minutes to get "I have a plan" sheesh!
  4. Ah yes, well in that case I'd say pass it up and spend the money building your own rig. You could get a better deal and a better system that way.
  5. Those would be my number one choices easily. BMW X5: No way. It rides great, but it is what it is and thats a BMW. It's not rugged and it can't handle anything off road that well. I guess if you aren't hauling anything that big then it won't be that bad. For me, I need the 4X4 a little more than this SUV will allow. H2: Don't get me started. I know some people like these vehicles and that's fine. but I believe that this is one of the most worthless vehicles ever created. I don't know anybody that has one of these that actually uses it to do what it was originally intended... and that is to go off road. Heck they've barely even seen dirt. They keep them absolutely spotless. GRRRR... If you are going to buy a Hummer.... BUY A HUMMER!!! A big tank H1 hummer. One that you can't park and it will run over a rhino and any other small vehicles should they happen to scurry in front of you. Oh well, I guess this is just something I will never understand. Anyway, I've got an '02 Tahoe Z-71 and I absolutely love it. Tons of space, smooth ride and I can haul just about anything I want (inside or on the trailer hitch)
  6. I agree with sdy284. I would downgrade the speakers and pump the ram up to a gig. You could swtich to an equivalent amd proc. and mobo and save some cash to upgrade the video card.
  7. That's a nice system. I've got the same mobo and proc. I certainly wouldn't wan to sell it!! But hey, to every man his own!! You gonna build another one?
  8. Opps, <_< There goes my credibility!! Anyway, Bush should use this event as a prime example of what fighting terror head on can do for the world.
  9. I believe this does affect us here at home. This is part of the war on terror and that is definitely affecting us here at home. And we are winning. It very well may have been on every TV channel 20 hours a day, but everything I've watched only had glancing remarks, if any at all. But that's not the point I'm trying to make. Well, actually I guess it is. The bottom line is that it is something that the people need to know about and that this is one of the instances which you just mentioned that does affect us. Maybe not the way you would think when you say, "this is essential because it is happening HERE," but it is affecting us here none the less. Whether he does or not, Bush should hammer this until he can't talk anymore. If Kerry is going to keep saying that Bush has the wrong strategy to win the war on terror, this would be a good place to start to debunk that theory.
  10. No, what it shows is that he stopped the bleeding. He was clearly outgunned the first debate and the polls showed that. The goal of the second debate should have been to revitalize the base and show that he could hang with Kerry in a debate setting, all the while giving his message to the American people. And by accomplishing the draw in the debate he proved he could debate with the best of them and leveled out any lingering, downward polling effects of the first debate. To be honest, I don't care how a candidate can debate with another candidate, if that was the only prerequisite for the presidency, Kerry would already have won. I care about what they have done in the past and if I believe they will continue to do the things they say they are going to do. And I believe Bush.
  11. I believe that the American people need to see that not everything is going bad in the war on terror (regardless of how you view Iraq). Who knows, two years from now we may be saying the same thing about Iraq. Or we may have diplomats in 13 sovereign states of what used to be Iraq. I don't know. But what I do believe is that the media is intentionally dodgeing the issue to keep the Bush administration from having something good to talk about. Oh well, I've been wrong before... and I'm sure I'll be wrong again...
  12. Yes, it's been "on the news," but it's just been an "in other news" story. It is, and should be shown as, a victory in the war on terror. Two years ago, many people were saying the same things that are being said today about Iraq. An now, they have held their first democratic election. It shows that we're are winning the war on terror and that freedom can overcome. If this were any other time other than a few weeks until the election, it would be getting tons of coverage. But now it's only seen as a possitive for Bush and therefore, gets minimal attention.
  13. anything about the Afghanistan elections? The first in it's history!!! This was a great day for their country, the war on terror, and for this... admin... OOOHHHH!!! I see now... It was a great day for their country and for the Bush adminstration!!! I forgot they will not say anything good that happens to the Bush administration. Or what about the landslide victory for Howard in Australia. Too bad Kerry's sister isn't a very good at campaigning.
  14. My expectations of the 2nd debate were low to begin with. I stated to my friends and family that a tie or draw in the debate would equal a win for Bush. And that's what happened... it was a draw... and therefore I give the thumbs up to the President. In the end, I'm going to vote for who I believe. And I believe George W. Bush. I don't believe John Kerry will lead my nation in a positive direction. Kerry has too much baggage and there is no possible way (regardless of how he spins the numbers) that he can pay for everything he says he wants to do. Also, Hillary will not be president in '08 or '12. She not only has too many enemies in the Republican party, she has too many in her own party. She is no Bill Clinton...but hey, I guess if the nation can forgive him for having a little fun in the Oval Office who knows what can happen. My expectations for the 3rd debate, will be much the same as the second. If it's a draw, then it's a win for the President.
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