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  1. Just got a new DFI 790x and looking at the temps on Smart Guardian I asume the temps for the Chipset is the northbridge ? Was also wondering about the system temps and where and or what these temps apply to on the board - Thanks for any info. So far It seems like another fine board from DFI.
  2. Well looking through the forum I guess this may be as good a spot to ask this question as any? Thinking about buying a DFI LP UT P35 T2R My question is is there a possability that this board might run - say 3 x 2900xt? I have 2 that run like tops now and given the intel set up I have I was just wondering if this was in the cards?
  3. Just ordered it from New Egg - Sold my AM2 4000 right before Conroe. Been waiting for a nice Crossfire AM2 board. Going to check it out with this mighty 2800 I have.
  4. http://service.futuremark.com/orb/projectd...rojectId=634484
  5. maybe http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104019
  6. Try raising the PCI freq. from 100 to 108 to 110. It seems to help on FM06 benchmark it runs smoother on my XT cards. It seems to pick up a few points also.
  7. E Fudd

    3d Mark 2006

    File shack works well also. Man on CPU test [email protected] only .4 fps /man its painfull to watch.
  8. With maze 4s on the DFI Expert even with ram sinks both sides of the GTX 256 it fits ok - its when you try it on the older N4s SLI its get really tight.
  9. Got it and its really nice very stable and easy to set up - The ULI raid is nice. I think for Crossfire its just about as good as it gets - for now
  10. http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16822152023 Set up my first Raid 0 for 90 bucks (when I bought them) - They seem to do pretty good for 7200rpm drives
  11. Its more bucks but its just too fine. http://www.systemcooling.com/cm_stacker830-01.html
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