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    Hl2 Offline?

    i know how to get a warez copy WORKING without ever having steam. it prolly works to play without registering as well. not posting it here tho, i don't want banned.
  2. how do you know what memory and gpu core they're using? i have an aopen 5900xt and wanna try flashing it. i was told i can flash it to 5950 ultra and i don't wanna mess the sucker up. the thing is already oc'd. factory at 420/700. default i think is 390/650 or some crap.
  3. that and even using kazaa lite or limeware, if the file seems the wrong size for what it is and its encoding, don't dl it. too small, virus. too large, has spyware. obvious stuff. also, don't dl anything ending in .exe.vb or something similar. contains vb script, which can mess you up.
  4. also, steam needs a patch installed. corrupt file or some stuff. update that and you'll be good. ps: nforce 2 chipsets and hl2 don't work well together.
  5. get into the settings and limit your upload. that'll let you dl fine and you can still send packets to sites and surf comfortably. i set mine to 8k on my 256 kbit up connection, and i get down on torrentstorm about 150k/s. no internet hangups. but my cable is 3 mbit down so...
  6. well right now wow is giving ppl bad pings. we don't know whats up, blizz says it is our connections, and our isp says it's them. try a tracert, and a ping to their servers. the ip in on the tech support forums at www.worldofwarcraft.com i'm setting up an ftp for those that hate the downloader. hope to hell it helps some ppl......
  7. my a7n8x gave me an issue too. fried a vid card and a stick of ram. rma'd that. also, if you take the ram out, it should beep. that means there's no memory. if you're testing the board and memory, you should test it with one stick in it. here's the award beep codes: AWARD BIOS 1 Normal 2 CMOS error 1 long 1 short DRAM/MOBO error 1 long 2 short Monitor /AGP error 1 long 3 short Keyboard 1 long 9 short BIOS Continuous long beep DRAM error Continuos short beep Power error it sounds like the ram wasn't plugged in correctly, is a wrong brand or is dead in the OP's case. that asus board is really picky about ddr400 ram(pc3200) and i don't think they have support for higher speeds.
  8. well i just found out that the latest riva tuner doesn't show the correct clock speed for this card. found an article on the 5900st card itself, and how the different brands compare. apparently, if this one has hynix memory, it'll oc like a mother ..... so i will look at the chips. there's no ramsinks on it, they're not necissary for this card. either way, i'll let you know what powerstrip says. i still can't find how many pixel and vertex pipes are on it. either way, this particular card and brand outperformed a 9600xt and several 5900, 5900xt and 5700 ultra cards from other manufacturers. it's supposedly a core clock of 420 mhz, mem at 700 or something. i'll just figure it out. if i can't get a decent speed, i'll rma it.
  9. ok, i have an aopen geforce fx 5900xt video card. i looked up on this thing that the core speed is supposed to be 420mhz. the default core of this chip is 390. but my question is, what is up here? rivatuner is saying my core speed is 300 mhz. i'm wondering what's up, cuz i just plugged it in and ran it. do i need to up this or what? my card wasn't getting enough power before, it was daisy chained with some molex connectors by an idiot. not me. we gave it a dedicated molex, and it's still at the slower speed. i got a popup that said it put it back to slower settings to save the hardware, and i can't get it back where it was. help?
  10. you know of a proggy i can use to monitor my gpu temps by chance?
  11. well we found out what the problem with line noise was. some idiot down the road was stealing cable in the most ghetto way known to man.... he took a coax cable, stripped a few inches off it, shoved it in the junction of wires on the pole. they detected it from the truck. and it was causing our problems.
  12. how many pipes on a a 5900 xt? just wondering. dl'ded riva tuner to check my speeds, but i'm afraid to mess with em.... just got the thing, and i can't afford a new card... nor wait for an rma.... my 5200 sucks. turned out it didn't fit in the agp slot securely.... it slides out. could be why the thing never ran well.... pos.
  13. what program can i use to check gup temps with? i have a gf fx 5900xt. been wanting to see that for a while...
  14. adelphia is giveing me hell. last time, the wire was eaten by squirrels. why do they do that? i don't knwo. mow my signal/noise ratio is whacked. is it the line or the modem? i'm trying to figure that out. they're coming tomorrow to check it.... if they can't get better service i'm out. oh, and this issue is dc'ing me every fine- ten mins. grrrrrrrrr.
  15. agp arpeture should be equal to half your ram.
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