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  1. not using it for FPS using it for online MMORPG's There are some methods in the one I play that would allow me to set up different keyboard settings for each client so as they didnt mess up the controlls. hot keys basically for all of them. Perfectly legal to as 2 other people I know of in the game do it....they just refuse to share their info lol. One insists he is using 8 keyboards at once but I call BS. -----edit As for one machine multiple monitors....its pretty graphic intensive and even with my nice pc setup more than two clients on one machine isnt an option...also only one client can be active at a time, so the simultaneous input to multiple clients isnt an option that way.
  2. controlling of 6+ game accounts at the EXACT same time
  3. Im wanting to set up a ultimate gaming system, but I need a way (non KVM) to run 3-8 computers off of one keyboard. I need to actually be sending input to them all at the same time. So if I typed "Hello" all 8 would get the input for instance. My friends and I were thinking using a usb hub and a usb keyboard...kind of using it in reverse though heh. Anyone got an ideas?
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