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  1. ^ i do so agree wif dis person u get what hes sayin man? Grammar my arse.
  2. I guess you should consider some of the following http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=what+make...:en-US:official Simplicity in my opinion is the best option. I like it though
  3. http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/simoffer 3000 free texts, for UK people only.
  4. Call her 2-3 days after wards man, start of talking about the whole day then get to know her, ask more about her girls love it when you ask questions, makes you look interested. A few phone calls then you can take it to the next step (dosnt have to be dating) but just going out together - alone - or with friends.
  5. I have the same one, love it to bits. Its a little expensive on that site though i think.
  6. oh no, lol i was just wondering, i guess its easier to clean.
  7. Ok heres the story. I got two exactly the same 19" LCD monitors. Same make, same brand blah blah. One is mute on the front (when the lcd is off) like normal lcd's the screen is mute, the other is like glass, shiny as hell. Can some one explain why this is? whats the difference? which is better?
  8. ;/ I doubt you can do anything in the states with them. You only get 400 (free talking minutes/text messages) per month if you topup a minimum 10 pounds per month. Use them for decoration, make a case out of them lol have a "british" number, or try and sell them.
  9. Iv got the M19G as a second dual screen. Have to admit price is nice and quality is decent.
  10. I think its quite a lame rule is some one with 10+ feedback from SELLERS (meaning he just bought) still has the same privilidges of some one with 10+ from buyers (he just sold) still has the buy now option. I allready have an ebay account, (3 to be precise) and all 3 have Credit cards on file meaning i can sell. I aint really breaking any rule, i could easy buy 10 items all worth less than $1 and BAM i can sell with buy now. I guess thats what i'll do.
  11. Anyone willing to sell me their ebay account? (Must have a feedback of over 10) before you all ask why; i need to list a few buy nows and unless i do direct debit which i dont want to i need an account with feedback of over 10.
  12. I love you, but voted yes i hate you. So i guess i dont know you then.
  13. Quite frankly i think she likes you. Let it cool off, her heads still swollen.
  14. dang yeah. lol ;/ $8 what kind of coke o.o is he buying.... can is $1
  15. Dudes Dudes, http://www.winsupersite.com/images/reviews..._beta1_0017.gif That was Windows XP when it was being Beta tested. Alot of things can change. lol
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