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  1. exodus1977

    windows 8 for gaming desktop

    Oh wow! I swear I looked on the AMD site just a week ago searching for those drivers! Maybe I'll give it another shot! Thank you for the links! Glad I stumbled upon this tread
  2. exodus1977

    windows 8 for gaming desktop

    I have an aging 4850 in my rig. So, you can imagine there
  3. exodus1977

    Removing Bios boot from a ECS P55H-A

    I've really only seen quick BIOSes on prebuilts. I, too, have a long BIOS wait time...so I just put the OS in standby! Smack the spacebar to wake it up and log in! LOL
  4. exodus1977


    Phenom would work for a cat. Then you could call her nom-nom. I give all my pets a nickname, which is funny because the actual name should be nickname-like.
  5. exodus1977

    What do you do when you are bored?

    I hop in my car and get lost on purpose. I use my GPS to find my way back. Once, I got half way though a neighboring state and happened upon a carnival. That was...different. It was fun, though.
  6. exodus1977

    Why, TrendNET? Why?

    +1 Yeah, it would really suck if you had nothing but Mac or Linux machines in the home. I hate it when manufacturers are just too lazy to make their products cross-platform. Using any modern-day browser would be nice, but too much to ask. I also have a couple of VMs of Windows XP and a slew of old browsers installed on it just for that sort of occasion.
  7. exodus1977

    Hardware Diag Software

    Ultimate Boot CD
  8. exodus1977

    Rate your gaming expertise

    I consider myself quite good. I often prefer fast-paced games such as fighters, arcade-style racing and FPS Deathmatch. When I play online, I normally try to find an experienced player whom will put up a good fight. I like the challenge (as long as there's no BS or excuses from the other player(s)). Offline singer-player games, it depends on how I want to play. If I'm looking for a challenge, I play on the hardest mode. If I'm looking to beat the game quickly as possible, I'll play on the easiest. Like on FPS' where usually the AI is weak and dumb on the lowest setting, I can just plow right though. Heh, you also seem to get more ammunition on the easiest modes as well!
  9. exodus1977

    Anybody here a Wikipedian?

    I've never contributed a page or sentence, but Wikipedia is next to my Google button on my bookmarks toolbar. I also look up bands, members, albums, singles and track listings. Music nerd thing...
  10. exodus1977

    PC or Console Gaming?

    I love FPS' and prefer aiming with a mouse...so PC I'm also a retro gamer, so I make sure my Gameboy Advance is always in my coat pocket.
  11. exodus1977


    Very very nice! Since blue is my favourite, it's an ultimate win! How's that CoolIT working out for you? I've been looking at them (plus Corsair's H50); just wondering how your temps are on full load.
  12. exodus1977

    Hello From Windows 98

    Hehe Even I still have an affinity for this old dated OS. I should dig out my VDI file and load it into virtualbox. See if I can't get Duke 3D to run. In the meantime, I found this guy's videos on making Win98 more usable with modern apps (Open Office, Firefox 3.6.x). Should be of some interest. KernelEx 4.5 link.
  13. exodus1977

    Updated Official Y-Cruncher Benchmark Thread

    C2Q Q9550 @ 2.83 = 11.228
  14. exodus1977

    "PCs Are NOT Gaming Consoles!! PC "gaming" is a ca

    Fanboys will be fanboys. What I don't understand is how someone can section themselves off to just one specific platform and bash the other. I've heard it all from the console fanboys: "I prefer to play on my comfy couch." "Aiming with a mouse is stupid." "It just works." Same with the PC fanboys (I'm guilty of saying some of these): "My executive chair rocks!" "Aiming with a thumb stick is clunky." "It loads much quicker." They mentioned a PC can't play Mario games. Yeah, no kidding. I'll have to get a Wii for that; and I wouldn't mind getting one if I really wanted to play that game. The same goes for every platform out there. If there is a certain title that is only available for a certain platform, well I'll just shell out the cash and play the darn game. As a Pc enthusiast, I enjoy the ability of slapping together components and watch it come to life. Being able to game on it is just the payoff. For me, it just all depends on what I want to play. Since my introduction to Quake on the PC, I prefer aiming with a mouse, so I play FPS' on the PC. Since my days of Rad Racer on the Nintendo, I prefer steering with a gamepad, so I play racing titles on a console. It's not at all about what is my favourite hardware, but my favourite games to play on that hardware that feels right. I say bury these trolls, for they are missing out on the big picture. I'm all for staying true to what makes you happy, but spouting ignorance will just end you looking like a misinformed fool. Stating the obvious doesn't make you a genius either. It's over-indulged opinion. BTW If that new Mortal Kombat game is console only, looks like I'll be making a hardware purchase. I freaking LOVE Mortal Kombat!!
  15. exodus1977


    Normally I wouldn't play games like this, but then I saw this video and it did manage to get a "wow" outta me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn2-d5a3r94