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    What problem are you having with using a router? I'm guessing something with the firewall, but what are you trying to do that it's not letting you do?
  2. kibitzer99

    Odd Problem

    Is it working every time now? You powered it down again for a few hours, turned it on again and it works?
  3. kibitzer99

    Can Somebody Help Me Understand This

    The China part helped. That article I linked mentions it. Most likely just a spammer wanting you to download his awesome registry cleaning tool at www.i-want-to-rape-your-pc.com.
  4. kibitzer99

    Can Somebody Help Me Understand This

    Messenger spam?
  5. kibitzer99

    Death Metal

    - Dark Tranquillity - Susperia - Six Feet Under - Deicide - Slayer - Sepultura - Cradle of Filth - Hatebreed Not all of it 'death' metal, but most of it should fit your likes I think. Also, if you're really getting into metal, check out this internet radio station - ChroniX Radio. I hear great new stuff there all the time. Half of the list above I first heard on that site.
  6. kibitzer99

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole
  7. kibitzer99

    Switch Network Application

    You might try this: NicSwitch Also found this: Configuring Metrics
  8. kibitzer99

    How Fast Have You Gone

    Just out of curiosity road-runner, is your boat something like a dark red? Kinda like a fishing type boat but with that monster engine sitting in the back? I live in San Antonio, but I used to live in Center Point, near Kerrville, and I remember seeing a boat like that many times in Center Point.
  9. kibitzer99

    How Fast Have You Gone

    135 in Celica one time. this was some girl's car i was driving. i later found out it had a donut tire on the back when i did that... lol. what are those supposed to be limited to.. like 55 or something?
  10. kibitzer99

    Paris Is Free!

    i'd hit it. i'd be sure to doublewrap though....
  11. kibitzer99

    Why Is Myspace Always Down?

    traffic. gets real bad from about 4 to 7 in the afternoon. people coming home from school, getting off work, etc.
  12. kibitzer99

    Car Got Totaled...

    lol, it's not mine. but i want one, and if i do get one that's probably what it would end up looking like. from what i saw of the build of the one in the pictures, you're right, this guy dropped a lot of money into it. mind me asking what kind of problems you had? i've always heard good things about them.
  13. kibitzer99

    Car Got Totaled...

  14. kibitzer99

    Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out!

    They laid me out. I didn't remember the procedure, the ride home, nothing until 10 that night. Just what seemed like momentary lapses into consciousness, (being told to open my mouth, stepping out of the office, laying down) and that's it. Woke up feeling like I owned the world, lol.
  15. kibitzer99

    Anyone Heard Of This

    It's what happens when women enter a mall, lol.