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  1. I honestly wouldnt mind having this as my computer is starting to get a tad out of date.
  2. So me and my friend are currently looking into building ourselves the best computers we can make a piece at a time, and I would like to know what motherboard is the best now days, Intel processors only.
  3. Building a new computer, old one crapped out, would really be nice.
  4. Hey guys, I am thinking about overclocking my processor but am worried that it will melt, I Use my ROG rampage IV gene and its nice preset bios tools and I wanted to overclock my 3.6Ghz to 4.985Ghz, is that possible without absolutely destroying my processor? I have an Intel i7 3820 LGA2011 socket with intel/astek liquid thermal solution with arctic silver 5 thermal paste, single fan closed circut cooler
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