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  1. i have seen mobo's that someone tryed to install a pci card and shorted out the chip by the pci slot's and it would no longer show anything on the monitor but still seemed to boot up and stuff. it was a black square with tiny wire leg's allway around it and they had tiny dent's in the wire leg's.
  2. hey i had postage wrong and it came back to me. lol i will resend tuesday. thank's angry now i can hook cd and dvd on there own channel i think. if not i wanna add another hard drive or two also. merry christmas everybody or whatever you celebrate. from my family to your's
  3. the one's for the mobo in my sig. i can see the silver braiding stuff inside of them but that's it no wire's.
  4. a dfi mobo with dual nitros tank's hooked to it and maybe even some drag slicks and wheelie bar's
  5. a flame thrower or a atom bomb explosion mushrooming type thing maybe.:confused:
  6. i need two of those orange lanparty harddrive cable's. would that be worth my pc 133 128 mb mem. or could you even get those anywhere? thank's from mike b. -brakeless1
  7. thank's guy's. i played doom 3 on high setting's for about a hour and winbond said sys temp-33c and cpu 38.0. everything seem's fine so far.
  8. now it's working at 3.46GHz. would not boot at 3.7something
  9. whoo hoo i'm happy so far i got it stable at 3.39 GHz on air. i geuss that's good? it is the fastest i have bean so far. this is also the first system i have built all bye my self with no computer schooling at all. but i want to go to ret's institute for this type stuff i love it. and my ten year old boy know's more than his mom now when it come's to computer's. lol i love teaching him this stuff. wel later yall from brakeless1 p.s. is that a ok speed for what i got? temp's where mobo 46.c and cpu was 37.c :cool:
  10. he is definatly getting more already. lol buy a new power supply before you fry everything in your system!!!!!!!!!1
  11. i got ya one pc133 128 mb stick tested great by me. let me know something. later from brakeless1
  12. that ocz you have listed is ddr2 unless you all ready knew that B)
  13. i drive racecar's. and ain't scared to keep rollin. lol
  14. is preformance mode and what doe's it do? i was gonna get 4 stick's of 512 but i might have to go with 2 1gig stick's. if it matter's alot.
  15. your right it was easy. but first time i tryed the site was messed up. then i made this post and then before you replyed i got tired of waiting and tryed the dfi site again. and it worked. i got the bios and chipset driver's and a mobo jumper guide. it was easy.lol but thank's anyway. brakeless1
  16. hey i just got another dfi mobo but ned help to find out what it is. it is goldish or copper type color the bios on it now is from 11/04/99 bios extension c000h 1984-99 , award software, inc cpu is celeron a 534.43 mhz model 06 step 05 intel 810 chipset p6 also the board say's on it cw35-s rev.c1 i am trying to get mobo driver's and bio's update. thank's
  17. i need one of these to film this chick that live's with me. she said she'd let me film it all. lol
  18. i like newegg great prices and most stuff fed-ex saver fares usualy only $1 to$5 shipping B)
  19. i have a few gmail invite's for my dfi friend's i need your name and email to send it to. later bro's:)
  20. is the dual channel 400 the fastest or the right size for my mobo or could i benifit from 433 or 500 memory? thank's mike b. brakeless1
  21. ok so i will scrape that grey putty off factory heatsink and use my arctic 5. or is the factory p4 3.0c heatsink junky and i should get sp-94 thermalright heatsink? the factory heatsink look's like it has a copper circle under that grey putty pad. what do yall think i should use? thank's brakeless1
  22. is that white stuff i got with my lan-party pro any good or do you think i should use my arctic silver 5 or that grey putty type pad on my stock heatsink it's a intel p4 3.0C cpu?:cool:
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