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  1. bigears

    Crossfire Question

    the manual for the first card says it is crossfire compatable, as does the website i bought it from. i've e-mailed komplett to find out if they know if they are going to get any more crossfire master cards. (but if most of the cards haven't even been released yet, it seems to me like the release/distribution of X1800 crossfires cards has been a bit of a shambles compared to nVidia's SLI distribution when that was first released.
  2. bigears

    Crossfire Question

    thank you
  3. bigears

    Crossfire Question

    congrats on not actually answering the question i've got this one: http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo...roductID=314610 and i plan to buy this one as well: http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=317155 will they work, considering that the first one is a GEcube and an XT, and the second one is a Sapphire and just a plain old X1800?
  4. i have an x1800XT 512MB, can i crossfire this with a plain x1800 512MB crossfire card from a different manufacturer. my understanding of crossfire is that this WILL work, but correct me before i buy the crossfire card.
  5. bigears


    backmarkers will cause too many ifs in one chain. repairs though could be a good thing. will use the same code as tyres as well.
  6. bigears

    Why Does Everyone Here Fold?

    i fold because i have a pretty good computer on 24/7 and it might as well be doing work as sitting idle. i don't have a reason as good as yours, but i do want to help with cancer research etc.
  7. bigears

    Sata Trouble

    have you got any more details, like OS? i think it might be because you installed the SATA adapter with the HDD plugged in. It would have been better to install it on its own, and then plug the HDD in.
  8. bigears

    Is This Legal?

    its legal because when you purchase the software, you also purchase the right to make as many backups as you like for your own personal use. As long as you use your own CD key, not the one with the download, and don't give it out to anyone else, its fine. there are tools available for repairing stratched CDs and DVDs though. only about $40.
  9. bigears


    I'm doing a race time calculator for formula one races in my computing lectures. i'm doing it in excel vb (this is NOT an option) It currently times the time to do each lap (variable dependant on the amount of fuel in the car) and adds on time for fuel stops and can run either a 1, 2 or 3 stop strategy. any ideas on what else i could include in this? i don't want code, just ideas. i thought of putting in an option to change the tyres as well, but i don't know if you are allowed to change tyres in formula 1 anymore.
  10. bigears

    Lack Of Updates On The Website

    nice glitch if you can get it.
  11. bigears

    Psu Modd

    don't buy the ones off ebuyer. they don't look all that great, and i had to file down the side of my case at the back to make it fit. I suggest you drill screw holes for fan screws before you bend it. drilling bent acrylic isn't easy. The fan screws will thread themselfs though the acrylic and the metal of the psu, normal ones won't be so secure.
  12. bigears

    Probably A Noob Question But....

    do they require plug-ins? if so, they might not be blocked, but your company could no longer has the plugins installed?
  13. bigears

    Custom Member Titles :p

    even i don't use AOL. IE forever!
  14. bigears

    Getting New Car.....soon

    if you want a Saab, go for a '91-'96 9000. get the 3 litre v6, only available auto. and most of them have all the trimmings you could get (climate control, cruise control, driver airbag, full leather interior, walnut dash, heated front seats, HUGE trunk space (can fit a drum kit in no problem). parts wont be that difficult to get, my dad has no trouble what so ever with his anyway. oh, and the 9000 audio system is excellent sound quality/volume for a stock sound system.