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  1. Thanks all of you who replied.BTW, XP PRO I have tried has had SP3 slipstreamed because on the first attempt to load XP on a brand new drive in the ASUS box,I kept getting the msg in the blue screen that I had a problem with PCI.SYS. I did not attempt to install XP on the ASUS hard drive containing Win 8,that would not have been very clever on my part!!! Anyway,I think that my ASUS box will have to stay as it is but that is a pity as I have always loved messing with drives and OSs etc. The only reason I bought it was due to price,even at this late stage in my life,I still forgot to remember that nothing good comes cheap.
  2. I may not have explained myself properly! The new ASUS box just will not boot two different hard drives that have had new XP installs done,it appears that the BIOS and the mb will only allow a Win 7 or 8 OS..I only used the Dell box to actually install the OS on the drives,the ASUS box just would go to a blue screen eventually when trying to install XP on either drive.The drive which came with the box is WIN 8 and will stay that way. All I want from you experts is the confirmation that I am stuck with either Win 7 nor Win8!
  3. Hello I have been using XP for years now and it runs fine with my FS2004.The box [AMD dual] needed replacement and I got a cheap ASUS K5130 [intel H61]which had Win 8 installed and Intel Celeron G1610. FS2004 runs in this box faster and stutter free than I ever before experienced and I am extremely happy! The big issue though is that no matter what I tried,I cannot get a new or old drive,each with a fresh XP install on a Dell box,to be recognised in the ASUS.Simply put,does it mean that the ASUS box and XP will never work?
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