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  1. Since the 1xx series are almost extinct, I was wondering if the 2xx are good overclockers also? $199 for a 244 seems like a steal if they are.
  2. Oh... so those 939 Opterons can be used with ANY 939 mobo?
  3. Do you need registered ECC ram for an opteron?
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824116355 I like the ViewSonic LCDs and they are highly rated. This nice 19", ultra-low response should make you very happy. I'm smiling Note: Officemax or Officedepot had a sale this last sunday for $329 after rebates.
  5. I'm leaning towards upgrading to an ATI card due to the tweaked drivers that OmegaDriver releases which gives improved gfx performances. Since i'm loyal in using his mod, i may stick to another radeon card. Or are nVidia vidcards worth the buy because the're better and their gfx drivers are just as good? What do you think?
  6. Can I use my WD 36 SATA Raptor in a SATAII slot? Or will I have to get new hard drives?
  7. Thanks for your quick replies guys. Dont worry about my ram and other settings, I'm very familiar with overclocking and its nuances, but thank you anyway. I'm been in bed with Intel for sooo long that I'm sick of that one-trick pony. What about the San Diego core? I heard they were good oc'ers. And would all the 3200+ chips at my local Frys be Venices?
  8. Since price of those two mentioned chips are way cheap now, I'm thinking of making an AMD64 rig with one of those chips. From your experiences and knowledge, please inform me which of the two are better OC'ers and with what core. Thank you for your replies.
  9. Since this thread is on buying a new LCD monitor, hope you dont mind I ask some questions of my own. How important is that X ms response time stat? What monitor is good for both games/movies/anime? Should I just stick with the good'ol crt? Thanks for you replies.
  10. My experience while trying it out was that on continuous full load (e.g. Prime95'ing) my room turned into a sauna. Boy was I sweating! It was more effective when a small fan was blowing air through the fins dissapating the heat more efficiently--they should of installed a small motorized fan at the base of the Reserator with the newer updates. I wasn't very happy with it, seeing that an XP-120 or XP-90c could do just as good of a job or better on my rig--I live in southern California btw, ambient temps are hot to begin with, which does little to help with its passive cooling.
  11. Here's a new heatsink from some Germany company. It looks very similiar to the XP-90 but mounted vertically. What's the verdict on it? Cool Scraper
  12. Thank you all very much, especially CPU_Cooker. Operation HP Laptop reinstallation was a success!!!
  13. Thanks for needed replies guys. First off: I dont know diddily skwat about laptops and the installations of laptop systems, but since I'm the only acknowledgeable guy she knows, and I do feel sorry for her, I got no choice but to help her out. I'm thinking of sticking with Windows XP Pro (good point about noob-friendly Linux cybergrunt69, but I dont want to complicate things further for myself ), then install all the drivers--that I already downloaded--necessary for it after it boots up. I attached a pix that shows what network drivers HP offers and I dont know which to install: she is only using the network ethernet plug in the back and not the modem nor mini wireless thingy--help? Other that the network drivers, that a good plan?
  14. Hey guys, I have a friend who has a pretty messed up system on her HP 1400Hmz Celeron M Laptop, and I'm going of doing a cold install of XP. Since I never handled an install of XP on a laptop, and I was wonder if it needs any special drivers/software for it to install correctly. Maybe an 'HP' disc? Any tips would be great. Thank you all for your help.
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