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  1. why do you want to kill the hard drive?


    i once killed an old hard drive i had laying around for fun (an old 2gig ibm)


    i powered it up and it still worked but was full of bad sectors

    so the destruction was fast and painless (for me atleast)


    *took the hard drive, disconnected it or in your case, take it out of the comp

    *bring it to a room with carpet floors so that the drive's case wont look damaged

    *lift high in the air

    *throw with all your might and make sure it hits the side or corner of the drive

    *repeat as many times as you like

    *when all is completed, go reinstall it and listen to the pretty sounds it makes now hehehe ;)

  2. i have an older dell optiplex gx260 that requires a low profile video card


    after browsing newegg and ebay i did find these:

    msi 9250

    msi 9550

    asus 9200

    gigabyte 9250

    ati powercolor 9200 and 9250


    these are all basically the same cards yet i need an opinion still


    who uses a "low profile" agp video card?

    which one would you recommend?

    whats the advantages and disadvantages i should be aware of?


    the dell computer supports agp 2.0 if that helps any

  3. You don't just buy something because its overclockable or because its new and you don't overclock for the sake of overclocking. Overclocking is what you do to either pull the most out of what you could get or because you couldn't get something better and you wanted it to be faster. Either way you should try for something so good that it doesn't need to be oc'ed and ddr2 who really needs it at this point. For me im just waiting till there is better technology to put ddr2 to good use (also cus I ain't buying it one cus I have not the money for it or the use). Oh and one more tip you don't just buy the best thing because you can. What matters is what use you get out of what you buy.




    exactly what i was thinking



    This is heresy to the ways of OCC!!!1 :ph34r:




    i guess i dont belong here then

    i run a p4 3.0ghz ht @ 2.0ghz and somtimes @ 1.5ghz :P

  4. what socket do you need?

    what is your budget?

    what is the main usage of the pc?

    what major demanding programs/games do you want to run?


    more info from you = better help from me


    also why does it HAVE to be overclockable?


    get a fast enough proc in the first place so that theres no reason to burn a cpu in the 1st place

  5. I agree with the others on two sticks of RAM, 4 x 256 with a P4 is just an unecessary complication. I don't know that Aopen motherboard either, but an IC7G or a DFI Infinity (or even a P4C800) would work well. For the HDD, I would just get the one big one and set up an OS/apps partition and a storage partition. If he's not a big gamer, a 9600XT All-In-Wonder would be a nice thing to have.



    my ic7 g was a pos

    how is using all 4 channels unecessary?

    this is not for gaming

    i was planning on the os and other utilities to be installed on the 40 gig and 160 for music

    no use for an all in wonder card


    is the 9600 a better card than the 9700?

    i also saw that there is a x600 and x700 now

    how do those compare?

  6. i need the absolute BEST on the market

    not for gaming

    not a dedicated server

    using a p4 550 3.4GHz proc

    PCI express isnt necessairy

    extra pci slots would be nice

    full ATX format

    must be visually appealing (going into a acrylic case with blue color scheme)

    must have onboard audio

    must have 10/100/1000

    must have SATA



    now all i need is which model board?

  7. basically i am building a comp for a local radio celeb and want to know what you think of the setup before i go through with it


    specs so far....


    p4 2.8 GHz HT

    4x256 PC3200

    ati 9700 or nvida 5200

    creative audigy 2 with front panel

    dvd+/- combo drive

    200gig HD or a 40gig and a 160 gig seagate ofcourse

    aopen ax4c max II

  8. gotta asrock p4v88 . board.  i got a p4 2.4b non ht 533fsb 512kL2 and 2 elixir 512mb pc2700 dual channled.  is there a board out there thatll let me  push the . outta my cpu and ram  stably?  maby in hopes to save me money so i dont buy a new cpu ?



    nice grammer you have there :blink:


    look into an Abit ic7-g

    prices are going down and theres a bunch of cool little extras that are included with it

  9. i've got a stereo amp from Technics and it has a load/temp activated fan in there... if yours only has passive heatsinks then it's been designed to operate on passive cooling alone... so, i don't see the point of fans either...


    lights, windows, etc, however would be kinda snazzy... :)




    yes it was designed for passive cooling, but it did put some heat off at high volume


    youll have to wait and see what i do next

    im definately NOT distroying the current case just to add junk to it

    if i can make/find another then anything can happen

    til then, i was considering accent lights and stuff

  10. i mod everything i own, so why not mod my new technics home theater reciever?


    so heres the begining....


    i was looking at junk in comp usa today and saw this in the clearance bin


    so it was installed... er wedged into place :P





    i also installed 3 red mini LEDs pointed at the fans, but when i powered everything up there was a definate noise interferance

    removed the 3 LEDs and all is ok


    i will soon add a cathod instead

    and attempt to backlit the buttons and knobs B)

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