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  1. if the rma goes through fine, dump it on ebay people will pay what its worth (usually)
  2. because theres a big hole in the back of the case w/o it btw, this is how the tyan mobo is layed out:
  3. i have a some oem motherboards and am looking for i/o plates because oem boards do not come with em i may have found one for my MSI but still waiting to hear back i also contacted Tyan via email just trying to find a online store or something who sells many different types of i/o panels and other leftover mobo parts the following are the 2 that i definately need to get: Tyan s2098 MSI 845GLMS-L
  4. same thing happend when i got my Aopen board, i couldnt get any sound to work at all, then i realized that i was missing all of the jumpers to enable the sound im guessing they assume all users run front sound? dunno, all is well now
  5. ive had good luck with Abit mobos, it should last you a long time aslong as you dont accidently break stuff off it... lol
  6. oh, what socket do your run then? 754? then check this out: http://www.abit-usa.com/products/mb/produc...ies=1&model=244 also, have you herd back from MSI on that RMA?
  7. let me get this straight.... that converter card is so you can bypass the northbridge?
  8. yes a micro atx will fit into an atx case but unless your planning on swapping to a smaller case eventually, theres no point in buying smaller thats a good setup you found there B:)
  9. sell off the video card and get a better newer one he has plenty of ram the celeron 1.8 is a decently fast proc but you could always switch to a 2.4 upgrade the cooling system and overclock the b*tch
  10. either the door is somehow pressing the power button, or you have a defective switch 4 options: 1 if they will fix it, let em do it 2 check door clearance and trim with a knife as needed 3 go to radioshack and get a new switch and replace the current one 4 buy a different case or see if cyberpower will exchange cases for you
  11. USE IT!!! its the best thing ever made it underclocks your proc when its not being used thus lowering temps a ton and your fans can be turned to their lowest setting to keep the noise down
  12. Limited Warranty Coverage Should a product prove to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period, MSI will, at its sole option, repair the product or replace with a same or similar product. Replacement Product may include new, remanufactured, or refurbished product and parts. MSI will provide one-way freight free of charge via UPS or Fed-x Ground Service when returning the product to the customer. enjoy also note: if you decide to solder a new cap onto the board, you will lose your 3 year manufacture warrenty
  13. go for it... http://www.msicomputer.com/msi_user/msi_rma/ if not... i would recommmend this or similar mobo as a replacement: http://www.abit-usa.com/products/mb/techsp...ies=1&model=260
  14. 1st things 1st, how old is your board? does it still have a warrenty? if it does, dont bother fixing anything and send it back to MSI if no warrenty..... yes, you can solder a new cap onto the board, bring the old cap up to radioshack and they can help you find a replacement (most of the guys up there know about electronic components and what will work) solder the new one on using a low wattage fine tip solder iron maybe a 25watt with silver solder while your at it, check to see if any other caps are loose i would recommmend this or similar mobo as a replacement: http://www.abit-usa.com/products/mb/techsp...ies=1&model=260
  15. as said above, reinstall windows (fresh install) then install the ethernet driver and other drivers included on the motherboard's included driver/utility cd
  16. ok, i found this board MSI 845GLMS-L it will support what i need, but i have not been able to locate any reviews specs: CPU
  17. grab an Abit ic7-g max II prices have dropped on these things recently very good reliable board
  18. its sdram i did find a nice MSI board that would work but how reliable are their boards usually?
  19. system specs: intel p4 2.4 non ht 400fsb 133mhz sdram ddr 512mb no use for sata 3 pci slots max (case isnt large enough to fit a full atx format) needs onboard audio and video i was thinking i should stay with the 845GL chipset, but can i upgrade to a better chipset and still run the 400fsb and sdram? what do the other 845 chipsets have compared to the GL?
  20. it actually takes 5 minutes? try this: go into the bios, in the boot settings, theres a quick boot option see if its enabled... if not, do it while in the same boot settings area, look for an option to display the loading info instead of hiding it also known as "silent boot" this will show you exactly what is causing the lag
  21. impossible to have insufficient watts no loose wires (anyways, ive never herd of a computer having bare wires hanging around) everything internal is untouched from the factory but i will look into wether the psu is dying i also have another mobo that im gonna try out to see if its hardware related *UPDATE* i fixed the problem, i had a spare 845gl mobo laying around and transferred all of the hardware onto it, installed the os and it doesnt crash, lockup, shutdown (everything the last mobo did) after physically looking at the mobo, i noticed that all of the capacitators seem to hav raised tops indicating a blown cap either i can replace every cap for $2ea or just replace it all together im going with replace it my tyan flex atx fits perfectly, but its mine, so unless i find another option, im getting another tyan to replace the pos that was in there
  22. where do you enter the "cupon code"? http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=KG...lOm3FM6AmxYYG3y
  23. intel p4 2.4g Trigem Glendale mobo 845gl chipset 64mx64 (512 ddr) 133mhz sdram infineon brand seagate barracuda ide 80g hp 563w
  24. ok heres whats up... im trying to troubleshoot an HP Pavilion for a guy at work.... the problem is that the pc shuts down every time you try to load the operating system (had xp homo edition) i tried booting knoppix from a live cd and it also shut down in the middle of loading i reinstalled the hd with win 2k pro and it cant finish the setup process because windows requires the os to be running to finish but as before, it just shuts down i was able to boot my Hiren's Boot CD and ran all the tests that i could and all seemed to pass hd passed surface scan, read, write proc finished PI i ran memtest for 6 hours with no errors overall mobo test passed dunno wtf to do any suggestions?
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