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  1. But if your worried about lifespan, go with 939 on the nforce4 platform.  That way, you can run pci-e. 939 is really nice also because you can run dual channel, and 754 is only single.




    definately go with the 939 with nforce4

    you cant go wrong with this socket/chipset combo

  2. windows xp is extremely about "new" uninstalled hardware it finds

    you just found out the hard way


    check this out: turn off the pc and connect something like a cdrom drive and a usb printer and a digital camera via usb or something like that, it should act wierd again :)

  3. try running adaware or spybot etc

    backup everything and reinstall windows as a clean install

    then go ahead and change the power supply if its still acting strange


    do you own a multimeter?

    connect it to an unused plug and monitor the voltages while your booting the pc

    after it crashes, check the +3.3v +5v +12v

    if theres still voltage on these, it may be your motherboard

    check for blown capacitators

    you can tell if a cap is blown if the top silver part is raised or lookes like its bulging outward

    a new good cap will be completely flat on top


    if you do find blown caps, its time to invest in a good surge protector and/or battery backup

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