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  1. you can count keystrokes? how?
  2. ill_industries


    i like the layout better than my yahoo accounts but i would like to have pop3 capabilities included also
  3. mine is steel, but i would go with aluminum next the acrylic has no grounding capabilities
  4. you didnt list the apple pie ones otherwise, id go strawberry
  5. try one of these things also, what case are you using? if there is minimal ventalation, its time to switch cases or mod yours with more fans i am running a really old case from Tiger Direct, its big ugly and keeps everything amazingly cold i modded a 120mm fan into the front Zalman silect cpu cooler (round copper thingy) 2 80mm enermax fans 2 40mm panasonic fans
  6. alot of sucking and blowing goin on in here
  7. im using windows 2000 and i checked the disk manager, it only shows the available partitions one is the hard drive one is my cd rom theres supposed to be 160gb capacity it shows 127.99GB NTFS 110.13GB free
  8. funny guy, but really theres an issue here ill just search the web 'cause i think i ran across this info before somewhere
  9. i like how quiet the Seagate drives are but if you dont mind the noise, go with the WD
  10. i recently built this computer and i had noticed that when the hard drive was formatted, the total available memory was reduced to 122gig so the question is, what happened to the other 38gigs? oh and some specs... abit ic7-g max2 3.0 P4 ht seagate 160gb hd sata interface 4gb samsung dual ddr ram enermax 550w power supply
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