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  1. Nah, man I'm not missing the point. Of course you want to keep everything as cool as possible. But the common sense temp of under 60C for C2Ds isn't some arbitrary number. It's because that was the original thermal spec for the first C2Ds. If the B2's had a spec of 70C than that would be the common sense number.
  2. But why would Intel make a revision like that and publish it if it weren't true? It's pretty clear that each revision allows higher temps: B2 - 60.1
  3. Umm...Free Steam Games for all ATI Raedon owners. 2900 XT owners also get Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Half-Life 2: Episode Two!! The egg has it in stock again...if it ships from NJ, I'll have it by Monday or Tuesday, otherwise Wednesday =)
  4. Interesting hearing that from bosco since he has two 8800s. Why in one of your million systems could you not have a 2900 XT? Lol... They're all sold out on the egg. Time to start hunting, any leads on who might have some in stock?
  5. Why no DX10? No Vista or a problem with the card?
  6. Yep, that's what I meant. Aw, too bad it's not a driver thing...but I guess what you guys said is good to know ^_^ But you have Crysis?
  7. So you have the XT kingdingeling. Does it still have bad Anti-Aliasing at high resolutions?
  8. They were showing what happens if you don't plug in the 6-pin PCIe cable.
  9. Ahh, I mean the 320MB. Sorry I didn't point that out.
  10. I am trying to decide between the two. They both seem like excellent cards. HardOCP makes the 8800GTS 320MB sound better. But all the other benchmarks I've seen make the 2900XT sound better. I know benchmarks don't mean much in actual gaming though. I really just want a card that can use AA and AF and high in game settings at 1680x1050. In my reading I found that the 2900XT had problems with AA, but the reviews were old and made this sound like a driver issue. So does anyone know if new drivers have fixed this, or is it a design problem? Actually I'm looking at the 2900 Pro (and pushing it to XT levels). Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Checked that out...seems fine. I also triend a 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCIe...
  12. I've been OCing the CPU since day 1. I thought that might be a problem to, and defaulted the BIOS, even going so far as to drain the mobo capacitors...but the same problem remains @ stock or OC. I have been messing with ATI tool, but nothing crazy. Right now, everything is OCed again and I'm playing World in Conflict, and it's running smoothly...but I know what is going to happen if I restart.
  13. That is where my suspicions lie...but I wonder why it was working fine until now. Think flashing the BIOS could help?
  14. Heheh, tell me about it~! Rosewill PS-450W (+3.3V 28A, +5V 42A, +12V1 20A, +12V2 20A, -12V 1A, +5Vsb 2.5A)
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