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  1. Oh right cheers for that King, im a big battlefield 2 fan and i do alot of photoshop and dreamweaver, so the 2GB is mostly to help loading times of textures in battlefield and to speed up adobe software a little. So the i think the 2GB in battlefield 2 will be noticeable as ive tried 1.5GB of 2700 and it dramatically improves texture loading, and doesnt give me jutter from the page file. so i think i might go with the 2GB as at the moment my 3700+ is at 2.7. Cheers King and Maka
  2. Thanks for your fast responses peps, i still feel kind stuck as this ram has been really good and ive had it at DDR 4000, so stepping down to 2T is basically like going out and buying 2G of 2700 yeh? i take it that the 3700+ is an E4 stepping... i had read artcials online about 4x512 at 400mhz but guess not a lol Cheers again Keep the Ideas coming
  3. Hey guys This might sound silly to some, in terms of noticable performance but what do you think i should upgrade ? in terms of memory and processing power At the moment i have a 3700+ SINGLE CORE 939skt, i was thinking about getting either a 4*00 something or another gig of crucial ballistix to make 2048MB. Could y'all help me on what would be the best course of action. Thanks again all Hope you all have a Very Good christmas From James in Merry Ole England
  4. i Havent tried it again yet on my more adventerous Oc but this is what i got on my system. ---------------------- 3700+ AMD 64 @ 2.4GHZ 2* 512 Crucial Ballistix 2* 7800GT Msi & XFX 580Wat Hiper Type R Asus Premium Mobo Thermaltake Shark Case ---------------------- 11,000 3DMark05 Im please but with another gig and a dual core im sure i can get to 8K at least.
  5. Ok cool one question, whats the DFI board thats not certified by Sli and what difference does that make ? CHeers
  6. LOl ARGGHH lol so many boards lol, cheers guys erm K8 Dimmond then ? one reason i said the asus board was my mate told me what to change on boot so i thought if i did that then it might be abit easier to fault find, plus its jumper free isnt it ? ive never had an Asus Board before as havent upgraded the mobo before only graphics, mem, cpu cooler, But if you have first hand knowledge that MSI will be good for fault finding and give good performance with a good comparison i cant argue with ya and will start looking as im in the UK they just bought out a cheaper Sli board the K8 SLi-Fi i think ? although i did want something abit better than that. Cheers guys Still a BIG help lol James
  7. Thanks for your ideas guys, big help i will probally go with the asus as my friend has it and it seams a dang good board, plus if anything is wrong when i first boot it will be easier to trouble shoot. if that fails i will be posting another reply on here lol. Thanks again and thanks for the offer of teh K8 Dimond. How did you guess i was from the UK lol. Anyway Talk to you all soon Kind Regards <_< James
  8. Hey guys another question, which one of these would be the best for me i have a basic level of overclocking Knowledge that extends to CL timings and fsb's dont know much on voltages. I want a board that runs straight off boot with a san diago core skt 939 3700+ preferably no bios updates as i dont know how. and want good decent performance that will be good for the future. Its a bit of a lengthy Question just a few bits of feed back would be great, Thanks Guys Big help! Talk to you all soon James Im sure you already know but just to be sure ASUS on the left and ABit on the right. Cheers guys
  9. Thank you Kindly i do overclock im not an expert but iam someone who would like to improve so ive decided to save and go for the premium. as that seams like its had some good reviews and is jumper free as far as Processor is concerned. Thank you Kindly James
  10. Hey there all i was thinking about gettting a Sli board and id like a decent but cost effect way of doing this. would a "MSI K8N SLI-FI" or should i save some more for the deluxe or premium. Premium being the end of the line for me i dont need anything better/ more expensive than that. Cheers for all your help guys Kind regards James
  11. Hey guys another quick Question, would a 3000+ Athlon be very good with a high end GFX card like a 6800 ultra or X800XT or would it show its age very quickly im on a tight budget. Thanks Guys Big help. From James
  12. Thanks mate could i have your Msn or hotmail or aol if thats alright ?, im in england just to let ya know, but im really looking for a good gaming system so if i could email you with any Qs that would be great ?. or if anyone eles would be kind enough to help also great!. CHeers, guys From James PS thank you for offer of your Processor how much would you be asking ? Pic bellow is for a cheaper system 3200 other than 3500 processor saves about 50 quid. is it worth it do you think ?
  13. Really Few !! thanks for that i wouldnt have had a clue on that one, ram is cheap enough anyway but some cosair 3200 with 2.0 or 2.5 Timings would be ok wouldnt it ?, if thats wrong can some one tell me what the timings really mean. i have an idea but not 100%. if i go with a A64 3200+ venice core then i could save some cash for PSU what PSU would you recommend ?. Cheers guys From James
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