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  1. I already tried overclocking it with the RAM's Timings at 9-9-9-24 and no difference at all, so i o/c it to 7-7-7-20, it runs stable According to SPD Jedec 9-9-9-24 is when it is running at 1333mhz frequency, i've tested everything and 3.37 ghz with 1136mhz (9.5x355) is the most i could get, unfortunately my motherboard wont boot if i try to o/c it to 1333mhz
  2. I'm just gonna keep on using this one as is and start building a i5 system, thank you so much for the advice!
  3. Unfortunately when i got that motherboard i didn't even know i could overclock, my stock motherboard fried so i had to replace it with low budget, then little by little i put more stuff in it like the 8GB ram, the e8500 and the Zerotherm NV120, i just ordered a new Galaxy GT640 1GB Overclocked Model since i don't have the money to upgrade to a better psu and card at the moment, i've seen alot of problems overclocking with DDR3 Socket 775 Boards, what Motherboard would you recommend? Is the P43 Chipset any good for O/C?
  4. I can't overclock my E8500 over 3.37 ghz, 9.5x355 is the highest i can go without my pc not being able to boot, i've read that you can normally go up to 3.8ghz without altering vcore, what can be going wrong? Is using it at 3.37ghz with RAM at 1156mhz even recommendable? It runs stable, have had no problems at all, i just dont think 3.16 to 3.37 is much of an overclock.. I want to get to 4.0ghz My PC specs: Biostar G41D3c Motherboard Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Nirvana Zerotherm nv120 Cooler Kingston Value Ram 1333D3N9K2/8GB Dual Channel Kit (Timings set at 7-7-7-20 running at 1156mhz) Zotac GT520 1GB Video Card M-Audio Sound Card 500GB Hitachi Sata Hard Drive Not sure how many watts my PSU runs, doesnt have any info on it I'd appreciate any kind of help
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