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  1. I've got a 450w power supply, 2 case fans (80mm, I think) - can't remember where they blow from as I haven't opened my case in a while. I'm currently waiting for all my new hardware to come in before installing because I have to take apart my desk to get the computer out, and it's kind of a hassle - don't want to have to do it more than once. I'm thinking about getting a Thermalright SLK900u and a Panaflo 92mm High Speed for the CPU. I think I'll use that at first, and maybe upgrade to water cooling later - possibly a Swiftech kit with PolarFLO waterblocks. I'm also considering a few 120mm Panaflos to replace my current case fans. How far do you think I can OC the 3.2ee w/ the Thermalright? I've seen some benchmarks online, and even if I only manage to get the fsb up to 250mhz the performance gains are substantial. I think with a high quality thermoelectric water kit I could get close to 275, right? Again, kind of new to this stuff. Thanks for the advice.
  2. are you saying that pc3700 or pc4000 will work just as well as the stuff i got, or that pc4400 will actually run slower than the other two due to the fsb? sorry, don't know a whole lot about ram, obviously. What I think you're saying is that i've got a lot of unnecessary headroom with the 4400. Is that what you mean? Also, if i decide to go the water cooling route and manage to OC up to 3.8 or so, then will the memory be up to speed? Thanks for the quick replies, btw. You guys or wicked sweet. Later.
  3. Just bought a ton of new stuff, thinking about OCing some of it, should I? P4 3.2 EE Abit IC7-MAX3 Dual Raptors - 74gb 10,000rpm SATA 1gb Corsair TwinX-1024 XMS4400 ASUS x800xt PE I know this is already a nice setup, and would handle any game out right now pretty well ... But there's a part of me that just wants to overclock the [email protected]!# out of it. Just to see what it can do. I'm sure if there's anyone who can identify with that feeling, it's you guys. I mean, I'm closer to the absolute top of the technological ladder than I've ever been (though not quite at the top), and I feel like I should take advantage of it before my system is completely outdated, which should be in...oh, about 7 minutes or so. Is it worth the risk? (Keep in mind that I am a Noob at overclocking, I've just done a few minor BIOS adjustments in the past.) I'd like to maybe do some water cooling, but I don't want to have to build a custom kit (I don't have that kind of time), and I'm not a hardcore Modder, just a gamer. Bottom line: I want to crank out as much power and performance as I possibly can (as safely as I can.) Any expert advice (type of equipment, techniques, recommended brands, etc...)is welcome and will be much appreciated. Cheers, Ryan I told those fudge-packers I like Michael Bolton's music. That is not right, Michael.