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  1. Xbox360 wireless adapter nib-$60 shipped PC2 6400 512mb ProMos-$35 shipped.
  2. http://www.jjman.org/modules/sections/inde...d=28&page=1 LOL AMDTI FTMFW!!!!!! funny people
  3. Pentium III Processor 128MB PC100 (expandable) 10GB Hard Drive (expandable) Has a fresh install of windows, it will include the charger and a lan card pcmcia so you can connect to the internet. Works flawlessly. $130 Shipped. This is a great deal ;D Edit: price drop edit2:Price drop. $100 SHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!! I need this sold by tonight. Heat: epikz Ebay: nhanfatmilk1219 I'm currently on aim: xasphyxiated
  4. it's the 8mb cache version. since everyone has been asking me this! as you can see, it's sealed. I'll add a couple sata cables if you want. $95 SHIPPED! I have done deals with fellow occ members before. I have Heat too.
  5. I am looking for a HIGHEND PAINTBALL GUN. I have all of these FT: a64 3800+ x2 dual core s939 DFI cfx3200-dr crossfire 939 motherboard(new) 1gb g.skill pc3200 ram(tested but basically new) wd 74gb raptor (new) wd 80gb sata(new) sapphire x1300xt 256mb (12pipes) (tested but basically new) antec nine hundred (used for like 2 weeks) lian li pc65b modded antec nsk4400 rosewill 500w psu lite-on sata combo drive. willing to trade all just depending on what you have.
  6. crooked cops = he def shouldnt have gotten shot, they could have approached it in another way. but thats just my opinion.
  7. theres 5v5 (a clan vs another clan) when one clan doesnt have enough people, they get their friends or other players to play temporary for them which is ringing
  8. All my prices are shipped. eBay ref: Nhanfatmilk1219 XFX 6800XT PCI-E $95 Retail Creative X-FI GAMER $100 Retail used for 20 days comes with 2 year warranty from CompUSA with receipt. WD 74GB Raptor $115 OEM AMD Athlon 3400+ NEW OEM $70 1.5GB Infineon PC3200 DDR 400 RAM (3x512) $115 2GB OCsystems PC3200 DDR 400 RAM (2X1GB) $200 Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology LIGHTSCRIBE dvd+-r/rw drive and a secondary cd-rom drive $60 used PLAYSTATION 3 BNIB 60GB Premium $1,000 DFI CFX-3200-DR 939 CrossFire motherboard Retail BNIB $150 Asus ABAE-LE 939 ATI IXP 400 chipset mobo matx $40
  9. i ordered a mobo on thanksgiving and it barely shipped out today and it says it's in Canada. what the heck? lol
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