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  1. I am changing one of my old rig into a home threater and have 2 extra sound card kicking around Card 1 - Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy (SB0090) Card 2 - Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy ES (SB0160) The have the same chip on them and one with game port one with firewire which makes no diff to me, just wonder which one could be better.
  2. Best mod driver to use with 7800GT for gaming? i mostly do shooter like COD2, SWAT, BF2... NGO? XG? DNA-Force?
  3. DFI LanParty SLi_DR with 3200+ OC setting??? Anyone have done it with some TCCD and would post thir setting here would be nice. Thank you very much!!
  4. I just got another system for back up gamign rig when I go to LP (do you want to bring my main rig to Lam Parties) It is a A64 3000+ with Abit KN8 Ultra (i think is almost the same as AN8) Corsair XLPro 2-2-2-5 if someone have something similar when that show me your OC settings in your BOIS will be appreciated...Thank you very much!!!
  5. The situation have some changes here at home and I have no choice but give up the SLI system and I am now stuck with the following Intel 3.0E with 1Mb Cache (478) MSI 865PE Neo2-P mobo 2GB Corsair XLPro 2-2-2-5 120GB ATA Seagate Harddrive MSI 6800 Ultra AGP Anyone have experience with Overclock that board and CPU? If yes, please let me know your setting and how far you can go. Will this keep me gaming for another year? I do a lot of shooter like BF2 and Farcry. Thank you very much for any input!!!
  6. Independence-Gaming Leagues is UP and running! Please go to http://www.independence-gaming.com/ to visit the Website you must first register an account to a game that applies to you, the supported games can be found on the left hand side of the website! MegaMan (Independence-Gaming Leagues Ghost Recon Unit Admin)
  7. Here is my 2 cents, I will not going to wait for AMR for 3 reasons, 1st, AMR is a brand new thing and ATi is not known for their chipset compare to Nvidia have been developing on their Nforce chipset for a long time. 2nd, who can tell you for sure that AMR is going to be less trouble than SLi? everyone just assuming that will be the case as ATi does make better video card in most cases, but we are talking about chipset, not video card. 3rd, SLi come out 1st, by the time SLi gets mature and get more games supported, drivers get better performance for SLi, AMR will be just started.
  8. SLi 6600GT or SLi 6800? Which is better? Thank you!
  9. Whenever I go into the Ht setting....the system freeze! Please help!
  10. Anyone OC GigaByte K8NXP-SLi? Need some info to start doing mine. unlock SATA port? Can I OC with all 4 RAM slot Full? all PC3200XLPro TCCD. If you have it OC, please post your setting! Thank you!
  11. I read this today... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently here's where I'm at with stock cooling: CPU: 2405.4 MHz HTT: 267.3 MHz (HT Multiplier @ x3) Memory: 218.7 MHz w/ 166 Divider 2.0-3-3-7 Voltages: CPU-1.6, Mem-2.8 Temp: 49c under load (Prime95) I ran Prime95 for five hours as well as memtest and they both passed with no errors (Failed once on both tests so I had to back down the O/C two notches). Still need to run it longer for stability, but I figure it should hold *crosses fingers and toes. AMD 3000+ Winchester 1.8Ghz Processor (Currently @ 2.06Gig and Rising ) Mobo: Gigabyte K8NS Ultra nForce3 250 chipset Memory: Kingston Hyper X Dual DDR SDRAM PC3200 @ 230Mhz 2.5-4-3-8 Video: MSI 9800pro(XT) PSU: Rosewill 500W Case: Aspire X-Infinity Gaming Case w/5 case fans (3 in, 2 out). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. name a price, I may be interested!
  13. I am the Store Manager of a computer store locally, there is a reviewer in town who does a review website and last Septemeber, he come in to do some trades with us and I ended up given him a mini-mouse for free as the agreement was for him doing a review on the mouse it was given and put our store's website on the review. At the same time I also did him a favour to lend him some ram as he stated he needed some ram for a second testing system and corsair suppose to send him some ram in 4 weeks and my ram will be return as soon as they arrived or he get any other ram came in. After 2 months, I was looking for my ram back and also called him up and ask for it and he said he think he may be given it away by mistakes(that is crazy enough already, given it away? that is our ram for god sake! he can give it away! then he have extra ram sitting around!!). Then again asked me to give him more time to track it back, so I was try to be nice, so I told him to get it ASAP. coz he had it for way too long. So it was after X'mas, the guys was started to ignore all my email about the ram and the review and I was really bugging his close friend (he is the guy who brought him to me, this guy is a nice guy), then after 3.5 months finally, one day his friend show up with the money and gave it to me. And said it was from him, which I don;t really think so. Well, since Last Sepember, the mouse review was never done anywhere on his website and all the email I sent to the guy was ignore.....I would consider the mouse got stolen in this case. It is not the value of the itmes, it is the matter of the agreement of why he was given the mouse and he screw us on the ram was so long and shown no respect to begin with. I thought I would like to let you guys know the story and if anyone like to know what is his site's URL, I would PM it to you or if anyone think I should post the URL here....if I have enough support. I would! And I think I will be contacting all his sponsors on this matter also to avoid this kind of problems happens to someone anymore. Let me know what you think!!!
  14. We order 2 sets at work and send them back after 1 weeks....the quality just not at par and it is cheap for sure. the pump is problem as both units we got leaks.
  15. Best OC BIOS for Neo2? my current one will not let me change HT setting!
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