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  1. That's what I was thinking. I told her I'd be better off building a desktop with more horsepower than a laptop.. but I'm not there so that can't happen.
  2. I have a friend who's looking for a cheap entry level gaming laptop for her brother. Now when I think inexpensive "gaming" laptop, I assume $800+ is the usual starting point. I'm honestly lost on what to recommend to her. Any of you guys rocking some cheap laptops that can play games on steam? I don't know what dude wants to play, and I don't think he does either but I can assume some MMO's (where I started!) and some source games. Thanks guys.
  3. I had the same issue with Acronis cloning my laptop HDD to my Crucial SSD. That free Acronis code was useless. I eventually just backed up everything, threw it in the laptop and went the recovery partition route.
  4. Anyway I could donate a game to the steam pile? I'm feeling generous haha.
  5. What made you decide on ordering an incomplete build from Xidax? Overall, looks good, just curious.
  6. Yeah they do get you! That's awesome, definitely can't go wrong with that. Got some speakers for my new Focus ST, socks, a coffee mug and Grand Turismo 6! Bad news is my old boy(40GB) PS3 crapped out on me, so no GT6 for me anytime soon...
  7. I hope this lives up to all the hype, I haven't been following too much on it, just watched a few youtube vids. I've been wanting to get into a good space combat/sim for awhile now. I tried my hand at X3 a year ago but didn't have the patience to get into it. Anyone play Colony Wars back on PS1 back in the day? Now that was fun space combat!
  8. US Army, currently serving. Been in since 2009. Just returned from a nine month tour in Southern Afghanistan with an armored brigade. Looking forward to my first change of station next year.. Hawaii! Happy Veterans day everyone!
  9. Haven't read the review yet... tell me it's not time to trade up from a 690?
  10. Runs the same on my CPU, graphically it was more demanding yet uglier due to it being the beta and all(I hope lol).
  11. I would have added it to the desktop but already have enough space for what I need. My laptop needs some love too!
  12. Well I figured I'd give the software a shot and if I run into a problem I'd go the clean install route. I'll check killdisk out, thanks!
  13. I preordered and just finished the install(20GB). The beta seemed like more of the same but better, still my preferred FPS over cowadooty.
  14. Afternoon gentlemen, I plan on upgrading a five year old Gateway FX latop with a SSD(120GB HyperX) later this week. I ordered this for a quick image and plan to back up most of the data this week. I plan to use the old 500GB drive as mass storage. Now I've never removed windows off a hard drive(noob I know) From what I gather its just going in to disk management delete the recovery partion, and wiping the drive with DBAN or something similar? I'm still googling a how to, but if any of you fine folk have some advice to make this a smooth transition it would be appreciated!
  15. So you did end up getting your account back? I agree with it being some more of the same in regards to battlefield 3 but I like any game that promotes team play. On another note the beta still seems too laggy/glitchy for me to fully enjoy. I love shooting a dude with a tank shell, get the X, and have him run away virtually unharmed. Yay beta.
  16. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834312438 The lenovo Y series laptops might be out of your price range but they're rock solid with great specs. My buddy took his all over Afghanistan playing the hell out of Skyrim.. I was jelly. Definitely plan to pick one up soon.
  17. Yeah I was having the same issues with weapon delay. I really wanna keep playing but that was pissing me off too much. It's too bad, the game is gorgeous.
  18. Any objections to an AM3+ build? I know you stated he wouldn't know the difference(performance wise) and you'd save some money going that route.
  19. Right. It seems newegg ia sold out on the one I planned to purchase. Bosco, how do you like playing on this setup? Thanks again for the info guys.
  20. I currently own two 23'' Dell IPS 1080p panels and was thinking about picking up another one since newegg has them on sale. Now doing some googling I see some positive and negative feedback about running 3 displays(while gaming) and having only the 4GB of vram. I would primarily be using these for gaming and don't really wanna turn my settings down too much but would make some compromise. Can anyone see this running fairly smooth? Going back I wish I purchased one of the Korean 30" but se la vie. Thanks guys!
  21. I've have an OCZ Vertex 3 in my wife's computer, which has run pretty well for a little over a year now. Initially received a DOA from newegg but they quickly replaced it. I also just recently purchased a 256GB Samsung 840 pro. Awesome drive, great software and a 5 year warranty. Can't be beat. I would personally get a Samsung Evo! Warranty isn't as long as the pro(3 years?) but it looks like an amazing drive.
  22. Attempted to play a few rounds today. Kept getting the never ending loading screen. Anyone else have issues getting into a server today? I'm bummed, I wanna test my new setup out.
  23. Just wanted to introduce myself before I start begging for help (kidding) Chris from California, currently stationed in Texas via the US Army. Built my first PC in 2007, currently on my fourth rig. I've lurked your forums and reviews for the better part of the year while deployed. Nothing but good stuff. Thanks for letting me join.
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