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  1. I'm running it at 2560X1440, ultra with everything maxxed and feel it looks kind of poopy. The engine is definitely showing its age. Hoping a texture pack comes out soon.
  2. Enjoying the game so far. Wish my dude could carry more gear/loot. Constantly dumping gear on my companion and still walking out of a zone, having to bump that buffout to fast travel and unload is getting old. Now I'm addicted to chems. Also, anyone getting stuck on terminals? I have to save before accessing any terminals or I get a 50% chance of getting stuck when exiting. I heard it's tied to the refresh rate. So annoying.
  3. Finally finished the game on the hardest difficulty. Didn't complete every hunt or do all the side quests in Skellige.. got bored and pushed through the main story. Good game overall, gets better once you make contact with Ciri. Anyone else finish? I got the ending I suspected I was gonna get. Wasn't disappointed.
  4. Looks good, especially that Ken Block recreation! I'm hesitant on purchasing anything from EA games. Not as bad as Ubisoft these days but close enough. Can't help getting pissed seeing all this nickle and diming the consumer for DLC, in game purchases etc. Especially in a damn race car game.
  5. Anyone getting a performance hit since 1.07? I noticed some rather large frame drops in Novigrad that weren't there in 1.05.
  6. FFVII remake trailer had me right in the feels.
  7. Anyone have any interest in this? I decided to pre-order one only because I have a living room gaming PC. Right now I'm using a logitech wireless keyboard/trackpad and a wireless xbox 360 controller. I'm excited to give it a whirl, although I do have my doubts about it, especially the typing demo. Either way I needed another controller for some co-op with wife /excuses.. Video for those who have't seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fs2Yh1PFwM
  8. I had similar issues with two 6950's in crossfire. I suspected heat was an issue and dropping down to one card solved my problem. Try using a different browser, like chrome?
  9. Spent a good chunk of the day yesterday playing. Managed to get a bit better at combat, thankfully. I decided to play on the 2nd from the highest difficulty and thoroughly get my arse stomped but managed to kill the Griffin and complete a few other side quests. Great game so far!
  10. Got it up and running at 1080P, settings on high w/ no hair effects. Haven't seen my 690 so taxed in awhile.. running in the low 80's to high 70's. Sheesh.
  11. Thanks for the heads up BP, pre loading now!
  12. I decided to sell him my X4 965/990FX-UD3 combo for $100 and told him to buy an 8GB Crucial kit for $55. After dropping $400 on an outdated CPU/MOBO combo and the games he'd like to play (Diablo 3, LOL, Borderlands 2) I figured this would be a viable, less expensive alternative. What do you guys think?
  13. Greetings everyone. I'm looking at possibly parting ways with my ASUS GTX 690 4GB. Now I love this card, it's been great. I honestly don't spend much time utilizing it compared to the rig in the living room. I think I'm very attached to it, maybe a little too much but I plan on going the 4K route soon and wanna get a leg up on the price before it depreciates any further. So... what do you guys think I should charge for it? Keep in mind I live in Hawaii and Hawaii's craigslist is ridiculous. People charge a premium out here for graphics cards, even used. Case in point: https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/sop/5012047467.htm I'd never pay that much for a used 780. Let me know what you think!
  14. I don't know what he plans on doing with the I7 870. I doubt he'd know what to do with it, but I'll definitely suggest it to him and keep you updated.
  15. Yeah, I've noticed previous gen motherboards tend to spike in price once newer CPUs roll out. Poor guy was duped into buying a new I7 870 only to find out the motherboard prices are insane for old tech.
  16. I've ejected my 4770k from the motherboard in a hasty disassemble. I watched in fear as the CPU flipped and landed on the smooth side and then proceeded to slide across the tile floor. I immediately shouted obscenities. Thankfully it still works. Thanks Intel.
  17. I'm helping a co-worker fix a build he started a few weeks back. Needless to say one of his friends guided him in the wrong direction and instructed him to purchase LGA 1156 CPU/MOBO/garbage RAM off amazon/ebay for his new build. The motherboard was bought used, and had all the serial numbers scratched off . Him and his buddy couldn't get it to boot (no surprise). Now, I've tested all of his components including PSU/HDD/SSD/GPU, all work and will be fine with any type of build. I told him he should go with current gen or whatever his budget would allow, as he only wants to play games and is relatively new to PC's and PC gaming. I'm currently looking at this combo http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.1739932 I'm open to all suggestions. Even maybe an AMD build, but I wanna make sure he has something nice since he actually dumped a lot of money on some really crummy parts. Thanks guys.
  18. I'm about half way through the single player and can say that Rockstar definitely out did themselves. I never played GTA V when it arrived on consoles hoping it would arrive on PC. I'm glad I waited. I did mange to play a little bit of GTA Online and got my butt stomped repeatedly in the hub world. You definitely need some bro's going in. I did manage to win a race, and continuously fail a heist at the prison which was pretty comical. Overall, I think it's a very well done game on the PC platform. I liked it so much I upgraded my HD6950. Ha.
  19. Just purchased the Asus 960 Strixx a week ago on Amazon for $188 w/ free shipping. I have to say, coming from a HD 6950 its a nice jump and I'm overall very impressed with its temperatures and overclocking ability. Part of me wanted to pick up a 290/X but that power draw/heat doesn't float well here in Hawaii. Electricity is retardedly expensive.
  20. Pre purchased! Typically don't, but I'm a huge fan of Mortal Kombat and this doesn't look like it'll disappoint!
  21. Trying to blow through some of this Star Wars humble Bundle. Been working through The forced Unleashed and Republic Commando. The back log is killing me especially with MK X and GTA V on the horizon. Oh just bought Pillars of Eternity but haven't finished Wasteland 2... *sigh*
  22. The game that jumped started my urge to build! Sounds lame but after having a pre-built with an aging AGP graphics card, this of all games was the one that pushed my PC gaming budget into full retard mode. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  23. Got the Noctua fans in today! They look great. Just need to swap out my old fans this weekend! Thanks OCC!
  24. Wow, thanks OCC! Congrats to all the winners and happy new year!
  25. I loaded up Linux Mint XFCE on my old asus netbook w/ 1GB of memory. Runs smooth, with minimal resources being used (depends on settings) and it's a simple install. Might wanna check that out.
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