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  1. If I had some extra cash to build I would definitely do an AM4 build. However, I can't justify the cost due in part that I primarily play games (if and when I have the time!). Hopefully the R5 series will be the one for us to pick up.
  2. LOL! Looking forward to it! Might upgrade the 980 Ti if it's 30% faster or more...
  3. I think the hype is crazy cool. It's been a hulluva long time since AMD was even competition... sheesh right around the time I started building I think, circa 2005ish? Correct me if I'm wrong!
  4. I can vouch for the Acer X34. Bought it back in August and love it! Just be sure the games you plan on playing work with the 3440x1440 resolution! Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. Man, that 390 looks enticing. It's so hard to make a purchase right now with all these new cards coming out over the next few months. I have a 2GB 960 I might wanna replace.
  6. You're gonna be waiting awhile if you go the Amazon route. Everything newly released seems to have a ton re-sellers on there selling stuff with a huge mark-up until stock catches up.
  7. blacksails23


    I've on spent a few hours on the single player and I'm digging it. I will say that I haven't played Doom 3, but did spend a good chunk of time on Doom 2 on PC back in the day.. lets just say the game play was pretty damn familiar. The speed and flow of combat are excellent, and the game runs splendid on my 980ti, averaging 100fps 1080p on Ultra. I tend to stay away from FPS shooters since they're short but couldn't pass this one up! Definitely enjoyable!
  8. blacksails23

    Dark Souls 3

    Yeah definitely easier to pick up and play compared to the previous entries.. or maybe I just know what to expect. PVP is still pretty fun, minus the endless summoning of players while invading.
  9. blacksails23


  10. Yeah, after owning a GTX 690 for a few years I've kinda written off SLI. I ran in to too many games not supporting it properly or one of the cards not being fully utilized. Never again!
  11. That is a steal! How did the old setup kick the bucket? Did you push it too hard?
  12. I'll donate a Rocket League steam key BP! I'll send it to you this week.
  13. Man, I can never find the time to tackle this game.
  14. blacksails23


    Looks good! I'm not a huge single player FPS fan but I'll probably end up picking this up.
  15. blacksails23

    XCOM 2

    Damn. I went with GMG for mine, got the key yesterday around 11am local time. Get yours yet? Sucks about working this weekend, boo. Can play it afterwards and unwind. There were plenty of commercials for XCOM 2 I saw during the NFL playoffs, and even during the ads before The Force Awakens in theaters. Seen some every so often after, so I guess marketing is doing its thing. PC Gamer has a guide for starting out and getting a leg-up on things. Can help keep you alive a little bit longer, maybe. Got my keys today! Downloading now! Came across that guide too, I'm tempted to read it but don't wanna spoil anything. I guess that make me some form of masochist lol
  16. blacksails23

    XCOM 2

    Ha, I tried a new cd key outlet for the pre-order (usually use Green Man Gaming), no key yet. Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to pre-load in time plus I work the weekend. What a bummer :/ The reviews have all been great, which is definitely good news! Definitely hope it gets some serious media attention on release specifically being PC only.
  17. blacksails23

    XCOM 2

    Pre-ordered... I hate doing that but this looks to good and the prices were soo cheap I couldn't pass up! The first game was amazing, I have high hopes for this one too!
  18. Very nice! I have the same 980 Ti. Great upgrade from the 970, right? Enjoy!
  19. I put a crucial mx100 256 gig SSD in my Lenovo Y50 last year with little issues. I tried going the cloning route but wound up just going the fresh install when I found some errors.
  20. To be honest, I saw more/better deals over black Friday and into the weekend. I want to say Cyber Monday's isn't quite what it use to be thanks to massive amount of online deals.
  21. I just recently bought a Xbox One due to everyone I work with having one. Just bought Destiny over black Friday. It's not a bad system, just hard to enjoy when you know what the PC can do. However, I do like some of the features it has, like in game recording and sharing. I found that pretty entertaining. I do prefer gaming on PC in general though.
  22. Ugh, looks good. That last part got me in the feels.
  23. I cheesed Swan, the big behemoth in the middle of a pond. Had him get stuck on some terrain running away from him. Took a few rocks to the head. Scared the shit out of me.
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