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  1. Help me!!! I have a problem.... I bought a new psu 300w But the . dosent work.... i havent done anything to non!! It just dont work... the green light lights but when i power the button nothin happends!???? i have a7v133 Duron900 V7700..... PLZ Help ME!??
  2. Help me plz..... heres the the prob.... i bought a new vc... ASUS V7700pro... and put it in the box.... but... when i whanted to to start the pc it didnt work.... it came on for 2sec then pip of automat... i tryed to take out the processor, the ram the .! but non works... could it be the power.. that the things in my box ate to much power? (have pretty much in there...)?? could it be the CPU? plz help i need my PC...!! Help THX Marman:eh?:
  3. Thx man, ya guys here help me much! (escpecialy you! )
  4. Hi i have this huge :0 Problem with my XP... Here's The story. I have installed Xp (2600Final). And start to run it and just blaam, it stops, it maybe ran for 2 min. So i restarted and downloaded newest drivers (det22,50). Then it didnt freeze as much. Then a new problem; when i wanted to play any games it froze allmost instantly, didn't matter if it was OGL, D3D or even Software. I know it's something with the Graphs... It it very anoying problem, i can't even run this Best MS Sys. Why can't Linux learn the +'s from MS, and MS the +'s From Linux/Unix!?? Hope ya guy's can help me plzzz.! ??? THX/MarMan
  5. Hi i have a question about the old topic Pencil trick.... When i apply the Pen "dust", can i just apply it to all the bridges?? i mean if i like connect them all!?? does it work then?? THX /marMan
  6. Hi9, i to had a amdk6 450. I tryed to OC, i could overclock it like 50Mhz..max 100 but on that speed it was pretty US.... So just buy a new SYS, or let the AMDk6 be alone its Antiqutet!!
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