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  1. Hey All, I have been a frequent visitor, but new member in need of some airflow advice. I have a CM 690 case. Here's a pic of my case as it is currently pre-new card and setup. I currently have the following setup: Fans pulling air in case: 1 Scythe 120mm sitting on bottom of case blowing up 2 Scythe 120mm in front (one behind bay grates, other below behind insignia where HD slots are) 2 120 mm CM side fans. Fans blowing air out: 1 Scythe 120MM in back 2x 120mm fans under H100 radiator at top of case pushing air through radiator and out. (NB my case is too small to do push/pull w. H100) So currently, I essentially have fresh cool air coming from front, bottom and sides being expelled from top and rear. I have recently acquired an Accelero Hybrid and 4x Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition 120mm fans. Looking for the optimum setup to maximize beneficial airflow with no additional mods to case. (cut out backs of drive and HD bays to ensure front fans are impeded as little as possible already) The Accelero Hybrid website provides 4 options, but none factor in it being used w. an H100. I intend to use the SP120s on one side of the H100 at the top of the case (push or pull?) and on the other 2 on both sides of the Hybrid for push pull wherever it winds up being located. Other than that, I am open to all suggestions. I would appreciate any guidance you all can provide. Thank you!!
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