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  1. Ok Nvidia has annouced a while back that their new sli motherboards would be x16 on both slots when in SLI mode instead of the older boards where they will bring it down to x8. So my question is... Are these motherboards out yet??? Or is Nvidia gonna wait for Crossfire to come out before they do? I know dell has a system with it already, but i dont want a dell.
  2. I wanna build a new highend system in the near future and I need some opinions on a VGA card. Big question thats asked over and over again. ATI or Nvidia? Now I always did ATI but, I have seen some preaks of benchmarking on the crossfire and its not as good as sli. However the clock speeds and all are faster on ATI than Nvidia. Am thinking about nvidia because of sli and not that current one either. The x16 chipset which is true sli. Now I have not seen or heard to much about it. But do you guys think it actually gives 2 times the speed unlike the current one that gives 1/8 more. Now taking money is not an issue, what would you guys recommend. Again none of this technology is out now, but what are your toughts about it????
  3. I have a great site that updated often for desktop cpus. Its www.c627627.com But I want a website thats just as good, but with Mobile Cpus. Does anybody know of one????
  4. Does anybody know how to convert the OEM Windows XP Pro SP1 disk to a retail one?
  5. I have a ASUS A8N-SLI motherboard, 2 GB PC4000 ballistix ram, AMD Athlon 3200+ 90nm winchester, 2 BFG 6800 GT video cards pci express. I currently have a 550watt BFG power supply which doesn't turn on anymore. Is their a power supply you guys recommend I get that will power this on again?
  6. I heard the Intel was gonna release their first dual core cpu. AMD plans on releasing them first quarter or 2006. But how does dual core work? I know its like having 2 cpus in one but does it add the frequency to make a big one. How do they make them faster than single core. Does anybody know what cpus AMD will make for dual core? Also how much heat does dual core make?
  7. I just heard AMD is releasing a new socket. Socket M2 with 1207 pins. Its suppose to be dual core, DDR 2 667, 90nm, Sercurity, Virtualization on it. It suppose to come out first quarter of 2006. Does anybody know any info on these processors coming out? Like models and frequencyies and all that??
  8. How do you connect 2 power supplies to one motherboard?????
  9. I just heard Intel announce their making and even selling 64 bit cpus. I am and always have been a big AMD fan. Now my question to everybody is do you think Intel will beat AMD when the cpus come out? I mean Intel 64 bit cpu start at 3.2 Ghz and go up to 3.6 Ghz. Or do you think AMD will have something to show when the time comes? What you guys think?
  10. sorry forgot about that. my budjet is $550. give or take
  11. I need help looking for a LCD monitor. I want a 19 inch with both analog and digital(dvi). I also want a decent brand thats looks great and must have 20 ms respnse time or less
  12. I have a ASUS P5GD1 with a Intel Pentium 4 3.6 Ghz processor, with 1 GB PC3200 kingston ram. With a EVGA Geforce 6800 GT 256 MB video card and 2x 120 GB SATA Hard Drives. A DVD-RW, CD-Rom, CD-RW, and 9 cases fans. My power supply is Inspire 550watt power supply. The problem is it powers on, but only if i unplug 3 fans, but even then sometimes nvidia gives me a pop up messege saying that the video card needs more power. Does that mean I need a bigger power supply? I mean its 550 watt how much more is needed? And if it requires more than that how much power does 2 of these cards on a SLI board need?
  13. I have a SATA 74GB WD Raptor 10000rpm hard drive. My question is do you guys recommend I get another raptor 74 gb and put them in a raid. or get a normal SATA big hard drive? If you vote for big hard drive which one do you recommend??
  14. Yes the safegaurd does copy all the data
  15. I just got a raptor 74 gb hard drive. the computer finds the drives and identifies the drive, but it doesn't shack, spin, sound or heat up as much as everybody says. Is their a way I can test the drive and make sure its working????
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