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  1. You had probably shut down a client to play WoW for a while so your average was lower than usual before... Oh well, I've still got Mara in my sights ATM... 2 more spots to go... Lol
  2. I guess your sabotage efforts paid off after all... Lol
  3. Looks like Bishop found another client to fold on... he pulled ahead of me in daily average so not catching him anymore...
  4. only 28.6 years before i pass Bishop... lol
  5. yeah, I see that the points have finally caught up on Stanford's page, but EOC still showing 0 points for the day, so will probably be a bit before they catch up...
  6. Ok, Im seeing that too... their overall reports are getting updated as normal according to the time stamp, but the new reports are missing anything submitted after 1600 yesterday...
  7. Im showing noon now... They use 24 hr clock, so midnight shows up as 00:00...
  8. Stanford, or Extreme OC? The system seems to be working ok for me...
  9. You mean like going from inactive to #5 in a week? lol We need to do something until Malms can get back... we were down about 1500 WU yesterday from our usual daily average...
  10. You might be keeping ahead of most of the active members, but Im mowing down the slower or inactive ones... Ive gained 198 spots on the team list in the last week and got Psywar in my sights... Only 8 months until I overtake him... lol
  11. Same here... I havent folded in about 2 years, but now that Ive gotten all the rigs that Ive collected over the years folding at once, Im pulling about 25-30k a day between the 5 computers and whichever video cards that I could get running well enough...
  12. Well dont do that... We need those points... Ive got my daily points up enough to overtake Psywar in 8.5 months according to Extreme overclocking, but I cant make up for your points... lol
  13. I still feel good about my new 8 core processor, I just blame the difference on an Intel conspiracy to get Stanford to keep programming to benefit their scores... lol
  14. Looks like I'll have to set my sights on catching you then... might take a couple years, but if I keep pulling close to 20k, should happen eventually... lol
  15. Although its more of a gaming / media laptop, but mine seems to have more trouble chewing on the smp's than the gpu's... you might want to try out each to see which works better on your computer PPD / Temp wise...
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