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  1. yeh, i saw last night that all oem chips were being sent out yesterday. ill be getting mine on the 4th, but probably soon...YAY!!!!!
  2. Mark 5'8" 200lb 18 white male O.T. marty that sig is hot...just the backwardness of it all.heh
  3. there is no way in hell they will let u bring the sword back, if u do get one, you will have to mail it home.
  4. is just something m$ threw in there, its needed for something.
  5. why dont u just take off the heatsink, and get the stepping codes and copy them to here. then we'll know for sure.
  6. how did u get a venice already? most places dont start shipping the box until may 2nd
  7. remember to put a little hole in the cover... the little" Do Not Cover This Hole" .. heh
  8. ouch... according to stanford, i have 9 processors active within the last 7 days, thats really cool. yeah my ppd was like 525 at its highest point, but then dipped to like 200 and now it evened out @ ~400. not bad at all. :foldon: :foldon:
  9. Ok, fueler past me back when we were both back at the 120's, he slowly pulled away, until about 110's then i caught up and stayed about 2-5 postitions behind him, now by the looks of it ill overtake him when we both in the low 90's. woot, just hit 40k, and almost have a constant 400ppd. hells ya!!
  10. ...id love to be in amsterdam...*drooles*...hmmmmmmmm
  11. heh hardnrg id love to have my b-day on the magical 4-20!!!
  12. alright i have a neo2 platium, and i just got 2x 80GB western Digital SATA'S. The only way windows detects these drives, is if i have then in a RAID0. If i dont have them in a RAID, it wont see it at all. Now the motherboard used to show the drivies, but it doesnt ne more. I also tried to install Slackware, and that found the hard drives, but it wasnt easy. can ne 1 help me out???
  13. get either g.skill 2x256mb of "LA" or g.skill 2x512 of"LE". some of the "LA"s hit 300+FSB with less than 3.0v
  14. indeed it is, if you want it, ur 3rd in line.
  15. yes i now have the 120GB up for sale, the total price is $50 shipped. If Onyks doesnt come through, ur next in line.
  16. lol nothing, its just the randomness that alown brings to us, heh
  17. 80GB ide is sold to fishtankfish. And my 120GB is Pending.
  18. ...but thats shipping to the uk in 4-6 days. ok fishtankfish you up to par next, $35 and its ur's. btw i got uer pm, and im responding to it atm
  19. ...BUT why would u smash a perfectly good althon chip....must have been by an intel fanboy, its a conspiracy... conspiracy i tell you. heh moving to linux as we(I) speak.
  20. thanks for the clearification(sp) henbenley
  21. Global Priority Mail - Variable Weight (Single) (4 pounds) $26.00
  22. PCI/AGP should be set at 33/66 not 100... 100 mhz is bad.
  23. since they stopped making the camero, isnt the parts gunna be more expensive, i know the price went up on t-bird parts after they stopped production, but we all know they brought back the old birds. correct me if im wrong
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