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  1. ...WTFH hide some of those, it doesnt take long, plus at the same time you can do a little cleaning/maintance on ur comp and it will take you for it:)
  2. i have to go with d3, R_G, and frieonice....WoW is teh besterest!
  3. my 64 machine got a QMD before i think
  4. plus the 7700 wont fit on the neo2 platinum, its tight with the 7000.
  5. kewlboxer2

    Sfv Files

    extract the first one, i think its like <filename>.00, or it might in some cases be .01, then open that file and go from there, it it self extract then.
  6. the cap for 768 is techincally 92kbps, but that is the theoritical maximum. Other factors also play a role in this... like how far you are from the distribution office, and the quality of the phone lines, and connections. and download speeds are dependent on the server in which you are downloading from. There are many factors in which effect the downloading and uploading speed.
  7. AMD's generally run with less power, and less heat, it might be better for you to get that instead of a PII.
  8. id like to point you in a good direction. TigerDirect is a POS. Their stuff is too overpriced and shipping takes a long time. The best places are: - Newegg - Xoxide - FrozenCPU Those are jsut to name a few. :foldon:
  9. ... ok but then why does it not get any higher than 1.428 on any vcore setting?????
  10. ok, i have a neo2 platinum and a 3000+ venice and i was tring to o/c and i work my way up to 260 fsb. i go to test stability with super pi, i get through 16,32,64,138,256, but when i do 512 i get a restart with no blue screen. so i reboot and it boots fine, temps are fine, then i get voltage, which i turned up to 1.5...which was more than enough, but cpu-z and mbm5 are both registering the vcore at 1.41.....WTFH.... so i reboot and check it in the bios... voltage is set at 1.500v, so i check the hardware monitoring in the bios and it says 1.41 WTH is wrong with this, the vcore at stock is 1.360 and it wont go higher than 1.428.... should i RMA this board?
  11. bartons can handle that kind of voltage as long as u you have the means to cool it, and 2.5GHz at 45C max load is pretty crapin' good.I wish i could get 2.5 at any voltage on my 3000+ venice and then stay at 45 load.
  12. by subnets i think hes tallking about vlans
  13. The sata controler is actually on a PCI channel, so yea do exacly what they do in that guide and you should be fine.
  14. now with linux in general, after u install from the source files, and u delete the soruce files? or do they have to stay on the system?
  15. im glad u found out what was wrong, and all i know is that i was running linux on that before i formated it and sent it to u.
  16. ...wow back in October i made a little under 2k in a whole month. Now im making that in a week with last months total poitage being over 13k... wow. fueler put up a good fight. heh over like 30 postitions. How the time flies.... :foldon:
  17. ok, i have a 9800 np 256mb card laying here not getting used. I am willing to sell this for a zalman 7000b-cu heatsink, or a 15gb 3/4gen ipod hard drive, or $60.
  18. first off, explain to us how you fried ur CMOS?
  19. im just testing the processor right now, after i hit the wall with it, ill tighten them up
  20. ok, got it at 240 FSB so far, stock vcore....so happy...i love this chip so far. cpu-z valid link linky super pi- 41 sec 1million [edit] Ok, now @ 280 FSB, 1.488 vcore and stable as all hell @ 2.5GHz...700MHz o/c on little bit above stock cooling. sweet as hell!!! linky
  21. i got my new venice chip!!!!, it shipped friday, and i got it today... for free shipping that pretty f*ckin sweet!!!! cant wait to see that this baby clocks too.
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