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  1. for WoW i recommend 2x512. WoW is pretty heavy RAM.
  2. there is no way i would try to passively try to cool a 6600gt, if it is even possible. passive heatsinks will be bigger than the active ones.
  3. i thought on the nf2 board you could run DC with 3 sticks as long as the first 2 sticks were the same (ie 512), but then the third stick had to be double the capacity of the first sticks(ie 1gig) that would be a total of 2gigs of DC memory. Correct me if im wrong
  4. this Title of the page still reads untitled document up at the top. Other then that the page looks nice
  5. if you have a neo2 platinum board, you could aslo get a 7000b CU. I bought mine off of crash, and it works very nicely. It also works on various other sockets.
  6. lol yea, im with nrg. mbm said my cpu was at 127F then i hooked a temp probe up and it said 105F. danged bios
  7. First off tell us what kind of mobo and processor it is. That will really help us help you.
  8. Thanks everyone... heh i just got back from a night of partying!
  9. Today had to be one the best days ever. First off i hit 60k today in folding, 2nd battlegrounds is out now in WoW, and last but not least, I JUST GRADUATED from high school!!!! wOOt!!!!!!
  10. heh, i dont know if its my mobo, but i cant get my venice clocked over 240 stable, even with the voltages al the way up.. when i first had it i got it up to 280, but now it wont even boot at 270. BTW its a 3000+ venice. I have a msi neo2 plat ver 1. should i see if i can RMA it to get a new one? *EDIT* heh sorry for the hijacking
  11. the 3000+ has a 9x multi, and the 3200+ has a 10x multi, hell a 15x multi @ 200fsb would be 3GHz. no AMD has a stock clock of 3GHz.
  12. heh, as i found out yesterday... 27F off
  13. temp monitoring apps are only as accurate as ur diode
  14. for the sensor, i slide it just under my corner if the hsf on my zalman 7000.
  15. ok, i have a neo 2 platinum with my 3000+ venice, and i got a new case (aspire x-plorer) and it comes with a temp probe... i was like, hmmmmm............, i just gots myselfs a better monitor then that danged forsaken onboard diode. so i arranged it , and start it up with folding going and i look at the display on the case and it says 100F, then i look in my taskbar and see that MBM says its 127F....i was wahoooooooo. the friggen diode on the mobo was 27F off. so now after about an hour online it leveled off at a nice 106.3F, and mbm is going alone with the crappy onboard temp monitor.YAY!!!!!!
  16. not to rain on your parade or anything, but your are not technically allowed to sell anything until after 90 days
  17. ...ya have fun with RIS....by the time u get RIS running, your new dvd-rom will be in.
  18. holy . 128GB RAM...thats more space than my HDD :drool: that will be one hell of a pc.
  19. i have a 1.8 celly specs are 1.8GHz/128 l2/400/1.75v sl68d this processor is working and it is just sitting on my desk collecting dust.... if i dont sell it, its gunna be a keychain.
  20. i dont think a pump can run at 5v, i think a little more than 6v is needed to start the pump. plus im not sure that fan controller and handle the amperage needed for that pump either.
  21. i prefer to use definition 3 and/or 4 from this site: urban dictionary...as stated earlier in this thread.
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