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  1. just think of the giant "battle scar" from that. It sucks that it happened. hope it all works out
  2. personally if i'd be dumping this much money on a setup, drop that x2, and get the fx-55 san deigo. and if you put that on water... watch it fly. and ur budget of 500 would be a nice PS unit, but since ur new to it i wouldnt advise it. Just do to www.dangerden.com. look at the TDX or RBX water block, dual or triple heatercore, a resivour, and one of DD's pumps. Danger Den is a really good watercooling company. you cant go wrong with it.
  3. its ECC, so its not very good for home desktops
  4. kewlboxer2

    My Wife Rocks!

    1. Good job 2. crap 3. ew
  5. i like gremlins idea, have him look at it firsthand, then smash his head into the monitor, and leave him with the note that you knew about him hitting on your wife.
  6. yeh, i was looking at the modstream 510.do they hold the rails really well?
  7. drop that x2 and get the 4000+ Sandy. Its cheaper and faster for what you want to use it for. Use the money saved from the processor to buy your self a better video card.
  8. ok, my trusty codegen 400w PSU, blew last night. sys specs below: DFI nF4 ULTRA-D AMD 3000+ venice o/c'd to 2.4ghz g.skill 2x512 "le" 1:1 BBATI x800xl 256mb @ 432/549 2x 80 WD sata's dvd/cd-rw 2 CCFL's now i need something that will hold up really well. My budget is about $160 total.
  9. i dont think p3's are no longer made, and that processor is 600 Mhz, with a 100 bus, and 256 cache.
  10. Do i have to plug in the molex,and FDD type connectors to the Mobo?. I thought that was to power the SLI.
  11. yes, i agree them. WE NEED MORE QUIZZES!!!!!
  12. when i updated my bios on my neo2 plat, my temps dropped by 27F. and i proved it with my probe, so the temps your getting right now, are fairly close to actual temps.
  13. kewlboxer2

    Good Game

    you should get burnout 3, it just went greatest hits, u can pick it up for about $15 used.
  14. ...ok, sure. IT all looks greek to me
  15. I haven't found anyone yet that doesn't like Tom Petty and the Hearthbreakers. Now thats a kickass group
  16. i dont care what the stock h/s looks like, im replacing it with a ATI Silencer 5 rev.2
  17. i really dont want to go to Nvidia. Ive been an AMD and ATi man. and im not about to move over to the dark side
  18. i have a 3000+ venice, and i have ram, all im doing is replacing my neo2 and my ati 9800 pro
  19. i have about $550, and im thinking about moving over to PCI-E. Does this look like a good combo?
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