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  1. ok i go to the Extremeoverclockers.com to see the folding stats and i see this: Last 7 Days Production Day Points WUs 08.09.05 -1 0 08.08.05 241 1 how the hell can i get -1 point?
  2. ok, ive had my venice for awhile now, and i just recently got a new mobo, a dfi nf4 ultra-d to be exact, and i never really went to get it stable. but today id thought i try it. so i started with the ram divider at 1/2, LDT at 2x, CPU multi at 4x, and everything else at stock settings. booted into windows at 800mhz, opened up prime95 and set it to in-place fft, then open clockgen and got it up to 390Mhz before it rebooted, so i thought ok cpu and mobo have the capability to hit ~380-385 max htt.then i set everything back to optimized defaults. Booted into windows opened prime and set it to small fft and started raising it got to 260mhz before i got and error, so rebooted uped vcore by .025 and booted back and set all the . back up again to my surprise i only hit 270mhz, rebooted added some more voltage booted back set all the . back up and still only 270, sometimes less, no matter what voltage nothing past 270. should i drop multi to 8.5x or 8x? and press on? or is this the best i can get?
  3. you gunna need more then a 80w pelt to to cool those 7800's, maybe more like 100+
  4. ...drool, i wish i could buy that, how does it clock?
  5. haha, and the pirated copies that i tried, none of the xp pro disks booted, so i was forced to buy 3 copies of home
  6. could you imagine a 120mm tornado??? gawd, like 160cfm @ 65dB. heh, i dont need to sleep at night
  7. ur video card is still good, i wouldnt worry about video card right now id upgrade cpu/mobo first.
  8. thats pretty dang cool. grats fueler, and grats on the top 50 and almost the 100k milestone.
  9. the TDX will fit 754, 939 and 940 sockets. ill get pics either later tonight or tommorrow, but now i have to go to work. OK i added some pics of what i have for sale. The only thing i dont have in the pic is the DD HC and the shroud for it. The little tube with the clear stuf is dielectric grease. None of the swifttech blocks have hardware, but the TDX has hardware with it.Also not pictured is MCT-5. in a quart size oil container(what it came in). PM with questions. Pic of blackice extreme II it has a tiny hole, but seems to be airtight right now it is near to top, just right of the center.
  10. ok, i bought a DFI nF4 ultra-d mobo from newegg, i got it and the top most 16x pci-e slot doesnt work. i sent it back and newegg sent me a new one. got it installed and the same craping thing. What can i do to this thing so that i can move my x800xl to the top most 16x slot. Id really like to use my audigy zs2.
  11. MBM does not fully support ur mobo, just use the k8n neo platium, that mobo uses the same temp sensors... trust me i had one
  12. i think he meant to put multiple wire in one shrink tube
  13. are you selling just the case, or is there stuff included?
  14. its not his bios password, its his actuall administrator password on his account in win xp
  15. Ok, i have my beloved watercooling kit for sale. I have the following for sale, PM me with offers: Brand new AMD TDX, used once to test, has all hardware needed to mount to a s939. MCT-5, never used DD single heatercore DD heatercore shroud BlackIce Extreme dual 120 (has 1 small hole that is easily fixable) ViaAqua 1300 ( propeller is superglued to reduce noise( virtually silent) 5 1/4 bay res from DD (clear) All of these aboce items are setup for 1/2" tubing. More watercooling items to come tommorow, and possibly some pics. [EDIT] These items can either be parted out, or sold as a whole [/EDIT] [edit2] I also have a eheim 1250 pump. and also as soon as i find it a switchtech socket A 226w TEC waterblock, and a switchtech 80w? TEC block for ATi cards. [/edit2]
  16. well this is my first ever tali, i have a 22 arch and a 16 warrior, and i found nothing on them, but i started a new warriror...currently lvl 6 and i find this.
  17. ok, i just got back into Kal, and i got a talli of intentification with heavy blow 56% of 4 max physical attack or extreme 14% chance for 12 max attack. how much do these go for?
  18. yea, thats ur sata hdd, since their hotswap they come up uinder that little thingy. i dont mind it too much
  19. i had a 400w PSU that blew the night i put my x800xl in new pc. specs: 3000+ venice 275*9 @ 1.5v nF4 ultra-d x800xl @ 430/550 G.skill pc4400 2x512 "LE" at 2.9v 2 WD 80 sata's 2 uv CCFL's yea, it kinda pissed me off, but then i bought a enermax noisetaker 600w PSU for $165 on monarch, it was well worth the money. 12v= 12.25 5v= 5.15 and 3.3= 3.4v under full load. gawd its slient too at maxed fan speed.
  20. well im #859, and i went and looked on www.g00ns.com and on their banner look what i found... its the first thing u said in the first post of the petition.
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