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  1. you should get this, dfi Ultra-d or if you want sli, sli-dr amd 64 3000+ venice, e3 or e6 revision ram should good if its ddr pc3200 xp-120 should work, u just have have to buy new mounting hardware
  2. he has a ASUS A8N-Deluxe SLI, as per his sig
  3. have fun kb, i dont have to go to school nemore:), i graduated last year!
  4. yea it was his gunj, because at the very end of the clip you can see the cops hand go and feel were his gun was
  5. i 2nd bigred, my ultra-d is awesome, i just got a new e6 revision venice at i got it higher than my e3 venice, im able to hit 2700 on it, but only 2400 on my e3
  6. linux isnt as hard as most people think,i used fedora core 3 for about 2 weeks at my vo-tech, and i went into pretty much blind, but a googling and stuff starting coming together. i think once i get my x64 pro from M$ i think ill set up a dual boot.
  7. most all linux distros are x64 compatible, and offer a 64 bit OS, if you a newbie to linux id start out on fedora core 4. here is the link to the ISO FC4 x64 and here is the link to the site fedora
  8. hmm im with Bionix, me and poision ivy dont mix well together, ive gotten it twice, 1st time was clearing out around a tree stump, and i didnt realize it was poision ivy, and it was summer and it was humid as hell. and i was wiping sweat and all, then next morning...my whole upper body was nothing but poision ivy, my eyes were swollen shut for 4 days. the second time was the next summer, and i was doing something, i dont remember what it was, and i woke up one morning, and my WHOLE body was covered in poision...not fun and again my eyes were swollen for 4 days, worst ever.... then last summer, which was last summer, i was workin on fixing my garage roof since a tree fell through it during the winter time, and it started rain and there were no shingles left on the roof and i slipped and fell 15ft and broke the one bone in my leg right at my growth plate, cased for 6 weeks...thay meant no pool, and it was the first time we got a pool and it pissed me off so bad, i broke the cast twice. once at week 2 and again at week 4, and they wouldnt take the craping cast off then...bastards
  9. its fixed for eastern time zone
  10. awesome, i like it. Where can i buy one?
  11. here, i have the 600W version of this and it kicks butt. http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...facture=ENERMAX enermax noisetaker 485W. my 600w keeps rails at 12.3, 5.2, and 3.4 respectively.
  12. lol the list of bigred's folding army expands...
  13. its actually cheaper to buy the sli one then get 2 regulat nv-68's and "overengineer" them
  14. yeah, if your going with top notch stuff, you better get a PCP&C. [edit] or go for the one in my sig[/edit]
  15. my 3000+ venice did 275 FSB, but it wasnt fully stable, but its was rock solid at stock voltage at 260 FSB edit oops old posts...sorry
  16. lol ya that really bugs me too lets see the time right now is 7:34 EST and on the post it says : 6:57
  17. since my thread kinda died out... here it is. Brand new AMD TDX, used once to test, has all hardware needed to mount to a s939. MCT-5, never used DD single heatercore DD heatercore shroud BlackIce Extreme dual 120 (has 1 small hole that is easily fixable) ViaAqua 1300 ( propeller is superglued to reduce noise( virtually silent) 5 1/4 bay res from DD (clear) I also have a eheim 1250 pump. and also as soon as i find it a switchtech socket A 226w TEC waterblock, and a switchtech 80w? TEC block for ATi cards. all parts on here are 1/2" expect for the 80w swifttech TEC block, that is 3/8", and i think i have 3/8 to 1/2 adapters laying around here somewhere. Pic of blackice extreme II it has a tiny hole, but seems to be airtight right now it is near to top, just right of the center. The only thing i dont have in the pic is the DD HC and the shroud for it. The little tube with the clear stuf is dielectric grease. None of the swifttech blocks have hardware, but the TDX has hardware with it.Also not pictured is MCT-5. in a quart size oil container(what it came in). PM with questions.
  18. [sarcasm] ...oh man, software riad is the besterest in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111one111ONE [/sarcasm]
  19. lol after seeing theses posts i looked up the song and look wat i've found... crazy . http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/daftpunk.php]Flash of the song[/url]
  20. nope, that is a tall tell sign of memory either clocked too high, too hot, or just plain dead. uninstall any video card overclocking software, i.e riva, ati tray tools, etc....
  21. i did go slow, specs are: 3000+ venice 2x512 g.skill LE [email protected] @ [email protected] DFI nF4 Ultra-D Enermax Noisetaker 600W PSU and primeing fine @ 260 prime fail at 270 with any latencies and any voltage
  22. ok i tried a divider to no avail, it wouldnt even boot, i get this BSOD on startup. PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. i said screw it backed it down to 260 fsb set to stock volts and prime95 is on its way. I think is time for a new install, i guess ill have to wait until my xp pro replacement disk ships out on the 15th. M$ is backordered on xp pro disks...WTF!!!
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